Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its Been Too Long

I have been waiting to post until I could get some good pictures up but I can't wait any longer :) Our new computer should be coming in three weeks so you will just have to wait until then.

In the mean time... I have been in Tennessee for A MONTH and seeing as I haven't updated this blog since like... the first week, I am going to do my favorite thing and update it right now. With a list :)

In the past month while we have been in Tennessee:

1. Adam has been working for his dad flipping houses. They finish his first one tomorrow. He now has major guns from lifting washing machines and etc. Awesome. Sarah approves.

2. Sarah has gotten a job working for a merchandising company called Premier. She gets to work 37 hours a week, weekends off, and she gets to drive all over the area. LOVE IT.

3. They have thinned, planted, mowed, and mulched the yard. Sarah had no idea mulching is the same thing as spreading bark. That made her sad because she hates spreading bark. Would rather eat a gym sock.

4. They have gone on a fun old fashioned bus tour of Johnson City. It was for a company Sarah was considering working for but the hours weren't going to pan out. The tour was fun though.

5. They had a barbecue with Adams best high school friend Raul and his girlfriend and got all sorts of tips on applying for med school.

6. They went on a hike to Laurel Falls with Adams other high school buddy Randy and his wife Debbie. Sarah thought it was going to be a long hike so she prepared like she was going to hike the moors again to only hike for thirty minutes... beautiful and very fun however.

7. Sarah has had a girls night with girls from the ward and ones in the ward near by. She met two girls besides Randy's wife Debbie she is going to be best friends with. (Not bosom friends with Becky... just best friends :)

8. They saw Iron Man 2. Great.

9. They have been to Adam's 2 favorite restaurants- and explored a few more.
9a. The exploring a few more included a Tai/ Sushi bar where Adam tried his first Sushi roll (California- don't worry- I was going to introduce him to it with a Spider roll or anything) and he LOVED it. They can't wait to go back.

10. They have both given talks in church. We were both so charismatic over the pulpit that people now think Sarah and Adam are more than perfect for one another.

11. Adam bought a new computer.

12. Sarah has expanded her wardrobe by 1 dress, 4 shirts, 1 sweater, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, and 2 pairs of pants. Mostly love looking at a filling out closet.

13. Sarah has been redoing the upstairs bathroom by ripping off wall paper from the walls. She has decided since this experience that there will be NO wall paper EVER in ANY of her future homes.

14. They have opened the pool in Adams parents back yard. Have you ever opened your own pool before? The water is BLACK when you first take the cover off. Its kind of fun to watch it change to brown, to green, and to the ALMOST blue it is now. Can't WAIT until it is swimmable blue.

15. Sarah has taught her first relief society lesson since her freshman year of college. She LOVED IT and can't wait to be officially called. Adam has yet to have a calling but he doesn't mind.

16. Sarah is failing at teaching southern people that to be good food doesn't have to be fried or cooked in whole sticks of real butter. She had to buy a gym pass to accommodate her new states habits.

17. Adam has a full on beard. Not a super fuzzy one- just one long enough to not look patchy. And ladies- he pulls it off as well as Brad Pitt can't pull his off. (Which means that Adam looks AWESOME)

18. They had a barbecue for the missionaries and met some other young couples in the ward and got to invite the afore mentioned Randy over. (The missionaries never showed up but the food and company was great.)

19. Adams mom has taught Sarah that she can like Broccoli as long as it is fresh and uncooked. (I can ever eat it that way without cheese!)

I can't think of anything else at the moment... we get up early, work good days, come home and cook and eat great food, watch the cooking channel and then fall asleep the moment our heads touch the pillows. We work in the yard all day Saturday mornings, and play hard all afternoons, and relax and sleep all Sunday after church. It is a WONDERFUL life.

What is the best part, is that deep feeling in our tired satisfied souls that being here is exactly the place that we need to be and doing what we are doing is just very right for where we are in life right now. Its a great feeling, and a very comforting thing to know in our minds. We are excited to see how the rest of the year goes, and to see where we are going to go from there! There are only things to look forward to right now and we are with all our hearts!

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