Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What we have been up to

Right. So it has only taken me a million and a half years to post again. Yahtzee. Arg! Life gets busy, and we sold my computer and so I don't have a lot of time or space mind that now that finals are here, to write. But I am taking an advantage of a slow morning at work and I will just list (because we all know how much I DEARLY love lists) all of our happenings lately.

1. Instead of Adams mission reunion we got together with his favorite mission friends that are still in the area, had dinner, and sat inside our house and just talked and laughed while one of Adams friends tried to convince us that Arrested Development is better the 30 Rock. (Didn't work.)

2. We had a GREAT Easter at home. We watched conference, ate yummy food, took naps, and Adams sister, though she had her appendix taken out the day before came over and talked and had smoothies with us. (pictures to come of course.)

3. I have made my weight goal. Last week. I weighed in at the big 140!! yay!! (Also- pictures to come :) Now I just have to not BLOW it while I try to maintain

4. All the books are packed. All the pictures are packed. All the decorations and all my crafty stuff is packed. Half the kitchen is packed, and half of my living room is things to sell in a garage sale or donate
4a. APRIL 24- 9 to.... 4 or so? We will have a yard sale! I will make a post about that later but hey- if you need books or kitchen stuff or dishes... come on over!

5. Adam celebrates the LAST class of his undergrad tomorrow. YAY!! Then the final grind starts, and then the move stress and then we will be in TN and then summer will come and we will just be so HAPPY!!

6. We have had multiple lunch and dinner dates with good friends to say hey and see ya later. Were talking desserts, brunches/ brinner, the Cafe Rio, Zupas, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, lots of talking and laughing and my ever so favorite- LOADS of hugs.

7. I started training my replacement at work while everyone else quits for the end of the semester. Which means last week I logged about... 5 hours of overtime? I should work a NORMAL week this week, and then a...25 hour one next week. (Which lets face it- that will help with the moving stress.) And then next Friday I am done. Yay!

Otherwise... Adam is studying and trying not to hate life too much. I am trying to organize a move across the country while hating myself for being so sentimental because we have LOTS more stuff we need to get rid of but I cant make myself part with any of it. We are living off of mac and cheese but somehow when we put on Scrubs and sit down with our respective bags of Easter candy and listen to the nice pitter patter of the rain outside- we can't hate life.

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  1. I so wish that I could come to your yard sale! Moving is fun :) Here's to a new adventure! And congrats on the weight goal. You rock. :)