Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Goal

Adam wants to go golfing for his birthday which means that I need something other than jeans, which I don't have. Which men's this morning I got to go SHOPPING!!

I went into Charlotte Russe (I love them) and the sales lady came up and asked me, "Need some help?" I hesitated and then with a laugh said to her:
"I am usually one of those people that HATES being helped while shopping. But, I just lost a tone of weight and I don't know what size I am or even what style I am looking for!"

So while I browsed some shirts, she went around and told every other sales associate in the store that I had just lost 50 pounds, and I spent an hour in the fitting room trying on every shirt and pant in the store :)

When I left they all waved at me and said, "Well congratulations! You look so amazing!"

What cracks me up about all of this is that they had NO IDEA what I looked like- before. They may not have even thought I was thin when I walked in but because I told them I had WORKED for my body, they were very congratulatory. Anyways- this leads to me getting to brag which I will do by picture.

One year ago- APril 2009. I looked like the following. I was VERY pretty.Today- April 2010 I look like this.I am pretty. I am fit. I am HEALTHY.


  1. Well, aren't you a skinny minnie! Way to go Sarah! You look so awesome. WOW WOW WOW-you 100% rock!

  2. holy WOW!!! Sarah you are incredible! and inspiring. Congrats. Soak it up. You totally deserve it.

  3. Congrats Sarah! You look amazing......but you always look amazing, lets be honest!

  4. you did it!!!!! you are my hero. :) you look super sexy. make sure you wear your wedding ring ;) haha