Friday, March 12, 2010

Writers Block

Do you guys ever really want to write about something but have nothing at all to write about? I feel that way a lot of the times. But when I was in high school I had an AMAZING teacher/ mentor (she may not have been the best IN class teacher, but she was just what I needed) who told me that if I really was a writer, that there was no such thing as writers block. I had to write through it.

Hence, if you read my journals maybe about ONCE a month there is some type of journal entry/ poem that rambles on about how I have so many things I am passionate about and want to talk about, yet I can't find the right way to say it, or the right way to say it in or etc, etc. I can pontificate for pages about how I have nothing to write about. I am literally writing about nothing, and not writing.

I guess after months and months of blogging, that it is about time for me to have a blog post where I just tell you about what I am doing this very moment- sitting on my couch in my perfectly softly lit living room, covered up in the red and green fleece blanket my best friend made me for Christmas last year, reclining in my Adidas pants, watching Adam play a game with his friend, all the while still admiring in the back of my mind how luscious his hair looks today and how perfectly straight his Moeck nose is.

I guess its about time for one of those posts where I have nothing to say so I talk about how I can hear the rotations of my dryer in the background, and the already dry laundry is laying strewn about on the love seat because I have no desire to fold it, and because seeing all mine and Adam's shirts lying there is a tangled lump doesn't make me feel guilty or productive and heavens knows I am not going to fold them otherwise.

It's one of those nights where I really have nothing to say to you or even to myself, but after reading everyone else's amazing blog posts I can't NOT write something. Unfortunately nothing novel or witty is coming to me so instead I have posted lengthily about the fact that I have nothing to post about.

We are healthy. We are happy. We are packing. We are laughing. I am sleepy. I am full. I am content with my life, and with myself. I guess a time in life that is not ripe with inspiration... or pictures... but I am not complaining.

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  1. I feel so content after reading this... my vote is, you can post about nothing whenever you want!