Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Society

Adam and I are not good at having couple friends. We prefer the association of the singletons around us BUT in an effort to be better at that, years ago when we were working for APX I made friends with a couple of girls who had the same issue. Meaning they didn't make friends with other couples. Awesome.

We tried one date night and discovered that out husbands LOVED one another. (Those of you who are couples know what a rare find this is, for the girls and boys to equally enjoy one another.) So we formed The Society. We were even going to make sweatshirts but it didn't work out.

What we do? Make all sorts of really cool plans, get together with all the effects for the plans, (food, music, costumes etc) and then we sit around and talk all night never once following through with the plans because we just have too darn much to say to one another :)

Last week Alison and Jared were wonderful enough to host what will probably be the last society gathering before Adam and I move, so I commemorated the event with some awesome pictures. (Though don't judge- it was late so I really don't look all that awesome.)

This is Megan and Kevin and their little boy Kale

Alison and Jared. (Their little girl Madison had already gone to bed.)

Adam and I

All the girls!

All the boys

Huzzah to The Society!

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  1. Fun, and so funny! Megan and Kevin were in our ward last year. Tell them we said hi.