Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I love all the posts that everyone has been writing about finding joy in the journey of life right now. I too feel like I have gotten so bogged down in the little things in life and working and moving that I have forgotten about many of the wonderful small things in my day. I am so excited to be going somewhere else soon, that I am forgetting that I need to find a little happiness in where I am right now or the getting somewhere else is going to be much less fun.

Maybe because it is FINALLY starting to feel a LITTLE like spring in Utah, and the days on the calendar are starting to show how we are progressing, we get in the spring mood to clean out closets in our homes and in our lives and just make things better.

I have a ritual that goes along with this. Something I go EVERY SINGLE spring or start thereof. Something I have been doing every single spring since I was ten. (Old room-mates are laughing because they remember what this is.)

I read Anne of Green Gables.

Laugh all you want. But no matter how many wonderful books I read and try to write Anne of Green Gables will always, ALWAYS be my number one. It is my bosom book so to say.

Because Anne finds pure joy, pain, wonderment and fantasy in everything. Because she reminds me to come to tears when I see rows of apple trees in bloom. Because she reminds me how much puffed sleeves can do to soothe your soul. How you can learn to love things about yourself that you have always hated- like your hair color. How just by being purely yourself you can touch someone.

Anyways- I too am making an effort to not only be productive, but to notice the outside of myself and how I feel inside when I run. To enjoy the friends I have in Utah while I have them. To appreciate my job, my husband etc. And since everyone has read Anne, and there really is no reason to review it, I just want to say how much I LOVE that book, and how it is my boon right now in helping me enjoy my journey.

Which is why I am going to cut this post miraculously short and I am going to go read said Anne of Green Gables and eat my white chocolate pudding and watch Adam work on his computer and smile at how messed up his hair is right now (its froing out on one side) and he's not even noticing.


  1. "It would give me such a thrill, Marilla, just to wear a dress with puffed sleeves...."

    I loved Anne of Green Gables. I read them all, but it's been years. Maybe I'll wander over to the library and find them. :)

    I love your posts. I forget to comment but I check (stalk) your blog every day. :) I'm so inspired by your weight loss journey! You are amazing, Sarah. And you're so sweet. You are one of the happiest, most fun people I know. I really like your writing style.

    I can't wait to hang out with you guys!

  2. I don't blame you, though, for looking forward to your move. I would be so so so thrilled to be moving, especially to somewhere like Tennessee! I'm so excited for you! It's like a new phase of your life... sigh, so jealous. But I think its so cute how much joy you found in that book. Sounds like something you're totally going to pass on to your daughters. :o)

  3. And apparently I'm a non-believer because I haven't read Anne of Green Gables. Sounds like something I need to do this Spring!