Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rex Lee 5K

I ran the Rex Lee run today!! I was suppose to have run my first 5K in November, but the 5K ended up being a walk, and both Adam and I were upset for having driven all the way to Salt Lake for it. So I signed up for the Rex Lee run at BYU DETERMINED to run a good 5K.

I was worried because it was cold and I do NOT run hills but it wen GREAT! Adam was a trooper- got up at 7:30 with me and showered while I shaved. I had oatmeal and then he dropped me off at the outdoor field while he found a parking spot. I got my shirt and my number and then just waited!

Everyone EVERYONE should run in groups of 600 people or more. It is so FUN! There were tones of people running behind me, in front of me... I never felt like I had to run my butt off, but I never felt like I was running badly either. People were screaming on the sidelines for me... not even joking... I almost cried... twice.
It was the BEST run I have ever run. No need to stop and even drink water. I did a solid run and in 30 minutes. Adam met me at the finish line with my water bottle and we took success photos and then went home for a long warm shower. PERFECT way to start a Saturday!


  1. you should do a 5 k with me!! PLEASE?! Lily and I want to do more!