Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nick Names

I have always loved nick-names, which is sad really because my name does NOT lend to one. My dad calls me Sar-bear which... lets face it... is not cute after the age of.... maybe six. My mom calls me Sarah Beth. Much more feesable since my middle name is Elizabeth. But she usually just uses it when she is a, mad. B, irritated. Or c, wants something.
Funny story about me here- between the sixth and seventh grade I switched middle schools. Since I was so sad about not having a nick-nameable name, when my teachers called my name, "Sarah Ray?" I would tell them, "That's me. But I actually go by my middle name? Elizabeth."
The first few months of seventh grade were AWESOME. Liz, Beth, Lizzy, Bethany etc, on and on it went. Until... yes. Parent teacher conferences. My mom went to my choir class where the teacher said, "We are so glad to have Liz!" My mom stared at her and said, "I think you have the wrong child..."
The cat was out of the bag. Once my mom told my teachers that no I did NOT go by Lizzy, all of them started calling me Sarah. And once my teachers did, so did all of my friends. (Though there was one girl who still, even during my senior year of high school, would pass by me in the hall and say, "Hey Liz!")
Because of this, whenever I played pretend I ALWAYS had a name that offered a nick name. Alexandra, Josephine, Nicole etc. I also latched on fiercely to any nick-name that people would give me.
When I was in fourth grade, my best friend and I were OBSESSED with the Kirsten and Marta story from American Girls. So she would ALWAYS call me Kirsten and I would call her Marta.
My email address actually comes from a nickname. One of my friends in High School for the first two months he knew me could NOT remember my name. He used to sing the Sarah song every time he saw me in the halls but when that got WAY too embarrassing I made him come up with something else. So he comes up to me one day and says, "I got it. My FAVORITE food is Sara Lee cheesecake because it is so sweet. And you are just as sweet, so when I think of you I will think of cheesecake and Bam! Sara lee." Yes, he still calls me Sarah Lee. To this day. When he sent me his wedding invite it was addressed to Sarah Lee.
My older brother had a couple horrible names for me. Frizzy poof and fuzzy because my hair is well... huge. And he called me fatso for a while when I got really heavy in high school, but my mom put her foot on that one. So he landed on Sasquatch- big and hairy. Perfect. Yes, he does still call me that.
Others? Mother, mother bear, beautiful (in more than one language), star (again in more than one language), Tina Faye (an author alter-ego I was messing with for a while. Ironic I know, because I didn't know Tina Faye existed at the time), Sarahray (that is the most popular- and you have to say it like that, all one word. I get called that the most, even today, but don't say it in front of Adam. He prefers Moeck.) The fashionista (thank you England and beautiful jeans) and um... lady leather (that is too long of a story), and my new favorite "Skinny girl." (Success!)
However, all of this was really meant to just tell how I LOVE pet names. Getting them and giving them. Almost all of my favorite people have nicknames that I call them. (That does NOT mean you are not a favorite if you do not have one. It just means that I have yet to think of one yet.) Many people have multiple nick names from me. Lets just take my friend Jairus because I think he has the most... Jay, Jay-bird, Jair, Jari-bear... and one along the lines of Lady Leather that I will... refrain from putting here. Oh, and Edward. (Yes from Twilight.)
I even love the cliche names. Honey, baby, sweetheart (though that can't come from anyone creepy looking) my love, sexy, you crazy girl etc.
Adam and I have a VAST array of corny nicknames that we call each other. I like it when Adam calls me "sarahsarah". Again, all one word, and you have to say it very fast. Everything I call Adam is a combination of his mood, and then bear, baby, or boy. "Sleepy boy" "Hungry bear" "tired baby" etc. Its enough to make you want to ralf I know. But I LOVE IT.
So yes, I admit. I LOVE being your sarahray, Adam's baby, my old grandma customers sweetheart, Becky's Bosom friend, my dads pumpkin, my brothers Sasquatch, the writer, that loud chick, my high school's "Mormon girl", and everyone's mama Ray. (Or Moeck now.)


  1. Huzzah for nicknames! And I am so happy we can inspire each other!

  2. you will always be my sarahray!!!! I love you