Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Good Spiral

Adam and I were discussing this the other night, and I was thinking about it again when I was running the other day. You know how sometimes when one bad thing happens, it turns into an AWFUL spiral that you can't seem to get out of? One bad thing affects another making it worse, which makes something else worse, and down and down... until... well. You have all been there. One in the morning? On your couch? Watching terrible TV, eating a bucket of ice cream, and just crying.
GREAT NEWS. I have discovered that this spiral works in the OPPOSITE way as well. Sometimes one good thing affects another, which affects another, and before you know it... your glowing like you are/ will be/ were on your wedding day.
For me- it's called weight loss learning to live a healthy life. In May of 2009 I made the decision that I needed to drop... oh 50 pounds. So, I started out VERY small. I was just going to eat a little bit better- some reduced fat butter, whole grain bread, and exercise a little. Love the bike at the gym.
What I discovered was that exercise made me EXHAUSTED. So I started to sleep like the dead. BUT- when I woke-up I was refreshed as grass after morning dew. This was easy! After a night of sleep like that I could DO anything. So the workouts, naturally, became longer. Which meant I continued to sleep like the dead, continued to feel great, started to loose weight etc.
Same thing happened with eating healthy. I discovered I LIKED whole wheat bread. And it made me feel fuller, longer. So I stopped feeling like I NEEDED to eat as much. Which not only led to weight loss, but led me to disconnect myself emotionally from food. (HUGE step for me.) And, it gave me more energy, which meant more intense work-outs.
And when I woke-up, exercised, showered, ate yogurt- I suddenly had all sorts of energy to face my day. I got more done at home, at work, at school, in church. Feeling productive made me happier. I was nicer, I made lots of friends, I went out more during the week....
Up, and Up, and Up until while I was running the other day and I realized I ran six miles in little over an hour, I almost cried when I walked to my car because I was so HAPPY that I was healthy.
See what I mean? AWESOME upward spiral?
The best compliment I have ever received since I have started loosing weight was from my best friend Jordan. She told me, "You always had so much confidence in yourself... but now you are just EXUDING joy, and happiness, and this essence that is you!" She didn't say anything about how I looked, but said EVERYTHING about my spirit and my personality.
Yes, I am a size 6 person, an almost 140 pound person. (3 more to go!) I am this person that is fit, healthy, is confident that she can do anything and will have forever to do it in. I am happier than I have ever been in my life and it is NOT because I can walk down the street and feel like I LOOK good. It is because I walk down the street and I FEEL good. Physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually....
Who knew whole wheat and kickboxing could do that for me?

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