Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Eggs!!

When people talk about Adam and I, I always tell them we are 13 year old's just living together. Which, with the exception of the fact that we eternity to each other in the temple, is pretty much about right. We are NOT mature. Or grown-up. We are only a little responsible. But we have- a LOT of fun :)In hopes to keep this youthfulness alive, I make Adam do all sorts of things. He stays up with me until midnight on new years to look at fire works. He eats green pancakes on St. Patrick's day. WE carve Halloween pumpkins and dress up the night of. We decorate a Christmas tree and read Christmas stories.And yes, we dye Easter Eggs. :)I love PAAS. They always have the guaranteed normal egg coloring kit, but over the years they have come out with so many others! Tye-dye, sparkles, speckles, stickered... oh yes. And the funny face kit.It came with sticker faces and funny hats all in one!! Very fun. Too bad these eggs only have a week to be cute and funny before I make them into deviled eggs for Easter dinner.It made for a fun evening anyways though.

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