Monday, March 29, 2010

The Bright Side

I think, even though it is spring, as students sometimes it is hard to find the silver lining in these few months that herald the end of the semester. There is finals, being in class that doesn't let you enjoy the sun, final projects, finishing out work, and that feeling of, crap- where do I go next? Its quite the juxtaposition- spring and the end of a school year.

However, it IS Easter next week, and life right now IS about rejuvenation and such. My old roomie and I, whenever we got in bad, depressing moods, would force each other to write lists of things that made us happy, grateful, or just things we were looking forward too. Anything positive. I was talking to a friend at work today who is having a really rough time and we made lists over text. It was fun so I thought I would include mine here.

Sarah's Monday Morning Happy List :)
1. It is SUNNY outside. I love running when I can feel the sun on my face. So nice.
2. In exactly one month I will be in a place where you can FEEL the water in the air.
3. I shrunk my favorite black sweater so now it fits. AWESOME. Love it when the dryer actually works.
4. I am dieing Easter eggs today, and the PAAS kit I got has funny hats FOR the eggs in it. Love it, and I am SUPER stoked. (Don't worry- pictures to come.)
5. Left over Cafe Rio tonight. Sweet!
6. Having tight abs. (Yes, I can include ANYTHING vain on the happy list without having to feel guilty about it.)
7. I do not have finals. (Sorry to all of those that do.)
8. Anne of Green Gables
9. 90's music. Were talking NSync here people. Yes, I still like them.
10. My sisters. Both of them.
11. My sister-in-laws. All three. (I LOVE having older sisters ps. Almost as much I as love having little ones.)
12. EASTER!! YAY Cadbury!! (dark... duh...)
13. CONFERENCE! I love it because I can watch it in my PJ's and because I LOVE hearing talks from the general authorities. (No offense to all the speakers in my ward. You are great people- but there is just something different about hearing from a prophet.)

14. Making lists. I may be a little obsessed with this habit....

Happy Monday everyone! May your day be sunny and your heart warm with fuzzy thoughts.


  1. lol... you are so funny. And I love the happy list! I need to adopt this tradition because today when I was freaking out about losing an assignment I spent an hour on, I wasn't looking at all the good going on besides it! mmmmm....cadbury.... {:

  2. I thought you were from Eugene! Anything my bro-in-law HAS to see/eat/etc.? He's so excited.

    P.S. - Love your happy list! :)