Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week of Love

As I have said before... I LOVE Valentines day. Its a great way to show people you love them, to feel love for yourself and well, everything is red and pink. I HEART it :)

So for this week at work, I am doing a blog a day about people/ things we as a company love and I thought, why in the world not do it on my home blog? I know I missed Monday, but I will post every other day this week about something that Adam and I, or maybe just I, heart.

And the first?


Adam and I are VERY different when it comes to how we... collect music. Though we do have some similar tastes. Adam has to be able to listen to every song in his i-tunes library over and over. Every song is a 5 star song. If he ever finds himself skipping a song, he gets rid of it.

I am much more of an... emotional? music collector. All of my music is categorized into "feeling" or "situation" playlists. I have work-out (Hello Country Grammar!), cleaning (Latin music works the best for this), mad (a little Breaking Benjamin, Korn, or whoever it is that sings Texas Cries LOVE IT), running (Linkin Park. I'm sorry- you CANNOT beat the beat), driving in the car (90's love- Ace of Base), sad (the end of the Runaway Bride soundtrack on repeat), writing (Second Hand Serenade and Frou Frou), soothing (a little De Bussey and Frank Sinatra here), sexy (Get it on. Come on. Everyone HAS to have that song on their I-tunes) and etc.

Now, there is the "good for everything" category as well. These are songs that seem to transcend everything else and are good for... well... everything. Yes, this is when we bring out Vertical Horizon, Taylor Swift, Barbara Streisand, Jo Dee Mecina, Neil Diamond, Wilson Phillips, The Wicked Soundtrack, Phil Vassar, Savage Garden, Sugar Ray etc. Music I have been listening too my entire life and will NEVER give up. This is what my kids will moan about when they have to ride in the car with me, and they will find themselves adding to their playlists when they leave to college because... well, what is life without a little Barbara?

If you think that's bad... many of my playlists have SUB categories to them as well. The workout playlist has the good mood playlist (bubbly, upbeat- think Mariah Carey remixes and a little Black Eyed Peas with their Boom Boom's) and the bad day workout playlist (Linkin Park again, Kelly Clarkson- anything that I can really scream or bang my head too. ACDC works as well. Get a little "American Thighs" in there)

My favorite playlist- is the bubbly, happy, exciting, I'm getting ready for a party while dancing in the bathroom in my underwear (I think only girls understand this situation); the dancing playlist. This features a little of everything... something with an AMAZING beat (Bleed it Out by Linkin Park) something that I want to wag my butt too (Sean Paul- Get On Into The Bed Girl is a great one or Nelly) something that makes me feel SUPER girly (Atomic Kitten- the one from the Lindsey McGuire Movie, or Pat Bentar- think Black Velvet and We Are Young) and a little latin funk (how could I forget Pasame la Botelle?) I'm talking the playlist you hear in movies like She's The Man.

I um... dance in the shower. Always. Either that or I sing to myself. My neighbors probably loathe me when at 2-o-clock in the afternoon when I am done running on jumps the Kaity Perry and Bowling for Soup and all you here is thump, thump which is me getting my groove on while I lather.

Now- I know many of you may feel too embarrassed to do this. So do it when no one is home. I wait until Adam is at school to really embarrass myself in front of my bathroom and kitchen walls. But the point is- DO IT. Trust me. Nothing, NOTHING makes you feel happier, better, sexier than dancing to something that you really REALLY love.

So- this Valentines Day I LOVE music- and I am so glad Adam is just as obsessed with it- albeit a little more selectively than I am- because our home will never be a house of silence.

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  1. I'm a soundtrack girl. I LOVE SOUNDTRACKS! I recommend...Raising Helen, She's the Man, Stick It, Freaky Friday, Love Actually. And I love setting the "mood" of my blog with my playlist. Ah, Pasame la boteille (sp?) so many good memories!