Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week of Love Day 2

Today's love shout out is really like a confession for me.

Yes, you heard me right. Peanut butter. I am obsessed. You put me on a desert island and said I could either have ONLY the Rio, or have ONLY peanut butter.... I think I would choose the latter.

I am also a connoisseur. I only eat Jiff and Skippy. If there is peanut butter candy to be bought it HAS to be name brand and not the off brand otherwise the peanut butter is NASTY.

You know how some people are with ranch? Or mustard? Where they will put it on EVERYTHING? Pizza, sandwiches, ranch dip, ranch powder for your popcorn, ranch flavoring for potatoes or chicken... this is how I am with the PB. In fact, I was remarking to Adam last night how you know you can buy cheese flavoring for your popcorn? I wish they would do that with peanut butter. And I would use it. All the time.

Yes, I DO realize that PB may NOT be the... healthiest thing in the world. Usually I save my intake for Sunday morning- 2 pieces of peanut butter toast for breakfast. It makes my Sunday morning special, and since we don't eat lunch since we are in church, it saves me when it come to calories.

Sometimes during the week I can't stand it though. Like this morning. I had a peanut butter craving break down. So, I am going to have leftover grilled potatoes for lunch instead of a sandwich and I indulged.
Slices of thick warm double fiber whole wheat bread, with melting Skippy all over the top- it does it for me. I think more than chocolate. It fills me it, it satisfies the craving (though often ten minutes after the toast is gone I want more) but when I eat it slowly and savor it... it makes my day JUST that more right.

So yes, my name is Sarah Moeck. And I am addicted to Peanut Butter. And I do NOT plan on getting help, any time soon :)


  1. AMEN. I love PB. And I hate off brand. I need the good stuff. Maybe one day we should have a PB Party. You know,like when I come visit you and Adam in TN.

  2. I love peanut butter, too! We sure miss you guys and a so glad to hear about your big move. Perhaps on one of our trips to Georgia to see Rikki's family, we can meet up sometime. OR, if you ever want to visit NY or Philadelphia, you have a place to stay! Take care and good luck!