Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top Ten (They are REALLY good this time :)

I realized that I haven't blogged much lately that wasn't about weight loss, and I decided I needed to share some of my favorite things from the past week, even though it's not Sunday.

1. The Olympics. Call me a uber girl if you want but- I LOVE figure skating. I watch all of it. And it makes me SO happy.

2. America. No because we win lots of gold medals, but because when I watch these athletes compete, you can tell by the way they move, and the looks on their faces that the Americans are having TWICE as much fun as anyone else. They love what they are doing, it's their passion, and they are having FUN. Johnny Weir's short figure skating program makes me love America.

3. Oh yes, you better BELIEVE Johnny Weir gets his own number.

4. Feeling brilliant. It doesn't get to happen much with the man I live with, but Adam is in a literature class and for their mid-term they had to write an 8 page essay "discussing the over reaching theme of reality vs fiction in Don Quixote and The Tempest". Not a very 200 level class topic. Never fear :) The wife is a English BA. Reading my ideas/ outline/ and comparisons to Adams and watching him get excited over my genius made me feel SOO good.

5. USAA car insurance. Because we pay next to nothing and get CRAZY coverage. 3 tows in the past month and we only had to pay for one.

6. Short Hair. Adam likes me hair long so much I don't suppose I will ever cut it- but seeing everyone's cute short hair lately makes me really wish my hair was after England length. Plus, all these full cute bobs are just so wonderful! Love the short hair right now.

7. Pumpernickel bread (or Einsteins pumpernickel bagel) and cream cheese.

8. Heat. You don't realize how important it is until it goes out at work and you spend 6 to 7 hours a day in a 30 degree room. Kramer was right in that episode where he falls asleep in his hot tub- man when that core temperature goes down you better give yourself almost 12 hours to get it even close to normal again.

9. Curls. Not just my own which make is MUCH easier to do my long unruly hair easier to do when I don't feel like doing it- but I LOVE Adam's curls. I love watching him shake them when he gets out of the shower, I love getting to play with them when he comes home. I love imagining our adorable children with them. I hope EVERY single one of them gets his... or I guess my own hair :)

10. That I have gotten good enough at cooking that when I don't want to or don't have the means to go to the store and buy frozen chicken for the recipes I have planned, I can pull meat and veggies from my freezer and cupboards, mix some spices, freeze dried potatoes and cheese in, and make AWESOME meals.

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