Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Update

I realized that though I may blog a bit... :) It has also been a while since I have told you what is actually going on in our lives. So that is what I am going to do! In my ever so classical listing/ numbered method.

1a. Yes, it is official. We ARE moving to Johnson City Tennessee at the end of April. We don't have an exact date YET, but we WILL be out of our apartment before the 1st of May. We will be living with Adams parents for a while to save some money. We are VERY excited. (And that is not sarcastic in the least. I seriously CANNOT wait!)

1b. I bet when I put - its official- y'all thought I was prego. haha! As if :)
1c. This also means, as time gets closer, if any of you need cheap furniture... call or email. Because we are getting rid of EVERYTHING. (Except Stevie the TV. Though his VERY small grandfather is up for grabs) That means couches, coffee table, book shelves, entertainment center, chairs, desks... maybe even some kitchen stuff. Snowboarding stuff is up for grabs now too if you want/ need it.

2. Adam is in school... :) He is doing just fine, though he has a MAJOR case of senoritis. I... do not help. Unless it is his literature class. Then I try too. We are looking forward to his graduation in April. (Yay!)

3. I LOVE writing on my blog for work! (Ps- we want to do something about quilters- so if you have a quilting something you would want me too, or wouldn't mind me putting a picture of on my work blog- email it to me!)

4. I am planning on running the Rex Lee run in March to fulfill one of my year goals. (Run a 5k)
5. My best friend Jairus came into town this week for Sundance. We went to the mall and out to the Rio afterwards. Jairus is the god that introduced me to that restaurant. He also saved my life the last year of Adams mission, and when my other best friend passed away when I came home from England. I heart him VERY much!
6. My car Tyrone died this week. After 28 years of life he decided if was time for his engine to explode while I was on the highway. ha! True story, but everything worked out fine. We actually weren't that upset... he was going to have to go before the move as well. We not only saved a GRIP on insurance (by NOT switching to Geico)- and we were only paid 75 as it was, but we are selling my car to a junker for $150+. Nice. The only time it is a nuisance is when I want to go grocery shopping and Adam is at school. Oh well, more walking for me! Which can only be a good thing. So RIP Tyrone. RIP.

7. We have come up with a plan for our technological future. We are going to save all summer. And then when Adam goes back to school we are going to sell both of our lap tops, get a nice desktop and then EACH invest in an i-pad. Yes, are not FANS, we are OBSESSED. And in love. How mac-tastic our world is!
8. My best friend Jordan came into town this week for her sisters baby. We went to Noodles and Company and then back to my house where we literally talked and laughed for HOURS. The funny thing about Jordan, is when I met her on my dorm floor freshman year, the moment I laid eyes on her I was SURE we would never be friends :) And then the first time we talked I discovered that Jordan not only knew about and understood my mental world of make believe and fantasy, she could play IN there with me! The first person since my best friend in fourth grade to be able to do that. I heart her very much as well.
9. Adam, being amazing as he is, actually started planning with one of his mission buddies for a Monday night couple family home evening... thing. (We are VERY bad at FHE because well... every night is FHE in our house.) But, Alex and his wife came over and I made- I will admit- a BANGING shepherds pie, and then we played a game called Buzz Word? I had never played and I LOVED it.
10. I discovered you can make bread from canned pears and diet coke. And its GOOD!
And that is our current life in 10 things or less :) As obvious, it doesn't take much to keep us happy. Just a new season of Lost, the Rio, Jari Love work out videos, and... well as corny as it sounds... each other. Yay!


  1. Congrats on the big move! :)And I love quilting. Baby's quilt isn't done yet-I just have the separate blocks. So perhaps I'll send you pictures of those.

  2. Hey it is good to hear how you are doing. My sister is getting married so I will let her know about the furniture.