Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Day in the Life....

I have been struggling lately with being productive. I know from single college life that I can be a productive/ multi-tasking machine, and I also know from my mothers example that I will need to relearn this habit again to be successful when I am a parent.

My goal for this week was to be productive every day. Yeah... missed that. HOWEVER- I was very good today, and so I am blogging about it because well... this is my blog and I can. :) (Disclaimer- my productive day will seem like a day off to a lot of you. But be forewarned... I am just working myself back into the productive phase of life. Baby steps right?)

6:15 am. Alarm goes off. I groan and roll over and Adam cuddles me. Believe it or not- this is my FAVORITE moment of every day. When Adam tries to talk to me half asleep and is SO cute with his messed up curls all over. I THRIVE in these sleepy, cuddly ten minutes.

6:25 am. Alarm goes off again. This time I get up. I manage to get ready, make lunch for Adam, make breakfast for myself and still get out the door by 6:50.

7am to 1pm. I work. (I know some of you are thinking how can I manage to call my job full time when I only work six hours a day. Easy. I work 10 hour days on Monday and I work every day of the week with the exception of Sunday.)

Work was actually productive. I wasn't uber awesome or anything, but I was training the new store manager for our Payson store and having two people there for my whole shift allowed me to get done everything that needed to be done that I didn't actually expect to get done. So that was good.

1pm. Alison comes to take the rest of the day at work. We talk for a while. I walk home. I eat lunch. I have tried to make it habit to not inhale my food in a matter of ten minutes (yeah, past friends and room-mates are now fondly recalling the immense speed in which I can take in nourishment) so I take my time eating. (left over chicken paella- yum!) Then I check my email.

2pm. I get my butt out the door and walk to Smiths to get the rest of the groceries I need for dinner. Now, I LOVE to grocery shop. No joke. Maybe more than shop for clothes. Even if I don't come out with more than a bag of stuff. So I indulge myself, grabbing all my things, walking around looking at specials, observing other people, before I head for home.

3:15 ish I walk in the door. I put the groceries away, put chicken out to defrost, put rice on to cook, put dirty laundry in to be washed, changed into work out clothes and by

3:30 I am working out!

3:30- 5:00pm. My workout takes ABOUT that long when you include situps, pushups and stretching. Adam calls at

5pm to tell me he is coming home an hour early. So I start putting together dinner, chit-chat with him about his day when he walks in the door, and by

5:30 dinner is in the oven. I cleanup the kitchen, I put the clothes in the dryer. I actually do dishes. All the plates, silverware and tupperware. This makes me awesome.

6pm Adam and I sit down to eat. Again, I take my time enjoying food (a layered bean and Mexican rice with grilled corn chicken- also yum. A new recipe which always makes me a little nervous but we liked it and VERY filling) and of course, Friends is playing in the background. Entertaining, but not so all consuming that we fill bad about talking all the way through it. Mostly- I just like the noise. THAT part of being a parent is actually going to be welcome for me.

7pm I put the food away and hop in the shower. While I am washing my hair I realize I am WAY too lazy to shave my legs, which means when I get out of the shower I am also WAY too lazy to do my hair so I change into PJ's and

7:25 I am at my computer blogging, my hair drying around my face in a curly mess that I will wear to work tomorrow despite how bad it may actually look. (That was a lie- if it looks horrible, like really bad, I will braid it or put it in a ponytail. I do have some self respect.)

The rest of my night? I will finish this, check my email, read whatever articles are new to Weight Watchers today, maybe take the clothes from the dryer, and then spend the rest of the night reading Les Miserables and writing until after eating chocolate pudding I fall asleep on the couch around 10:30 when Adam will wake me up at 11 so I can crawl into bed with him.

I am not some dumb to realize that this is a nothing day to everyone else. And y'all can take solace that I am ENJOYING my free time while I have it. I enjoy it so much that I never do anything else with it :)

However, today I got grocery shopping done, I did the dishes, actually cooked, and got clothes all the way through the dryer. Not too shabby in the Life of Me.

Maybe tomorrow the laundry will get folded. That would be a trick.

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  1. Sarah- you and me are two of a kind! you kept saying that its not busy for SOME people and I was thinking "wow... good for her!" haha any day in which laundry AND dishes get done is a good day for me. AND a workout??? bomb. love it. way to go, girl!