Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beating the Scale

I have learned that there are actually four different ways to weigh yourself/ measure your weight loss. Yes four.

1. The Scale. I call this "the classic method." This is where, early in the morning when you are wearing practically nothing and you have just gone pee, you stand on a black box and it says, "Hello Sarah Moeck! I know you have done great this week, worked out every day and eaten just right. But I hate you. So you do not get to loose weight, but you have to weight the exact same as the last time you stood on me."

2. The Measuring Tape. I call this "the method of inches." You take a soft measuring tape and when you are naked you measure around your bust, hips, waist, thighs, arms etc. This is when you notice that though the scale hates you, your thighs are actually an inch smaller than they were the week before. That's right. You (and I) ROCK.

3. The Eye. I call this "the department store test." This is really just where you look in a mirror, or when you put on your clothes. And you say, "wow that sweater DOES NOT look good." Why? IT IS TOO BIG!! Or, you can look at pictures of yourself a year ago compared to now and say- I look awesome!

4. The Feel. I call this "husbands help". :) Haha- was the bawdy enough for you? No really- I actually came up with this method earlier today when I got out of the shower. I was actually feeling my legs to make sure I hadn't missed any large patches of hair when I was shaving when I realized how easy it was for my hand to span my leg. Didn't used to be so easy. And when I was tapping my tummy getting excited for dessert (peach crumble... that's right- I am amazing) I realized... what? It's hard? Since when?

So... ugly black scale... its three against your stupid, awful, no good opinion. I have thin thighs, a hard tummy, and my clothes are too big. All signs to the fact that I actually, yes, HAVE lost weight, and that I actually AM awesome and very good looking, and very healthy.

So suck it.


  1. could be that that awesome stuff called muscle is replacing the fat (which is heavier I believe), which is why mr. scale is so stupid. go sarah!

  2. i need to have this mind set because my scale has been hating me for almost TWO weeks. rrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!