Monday, February 15, 2010

Almost Fed Up. Almost.

One month ago I made a goal to loose 5 pounds in 4 weeks. This is actually, or has been, my normal rate of weight loss. Five pounds every month. I publicly made the goal that I would be 140 by Valentines Day.

February 15th and I am still 145, as of my weigh in this morning.

However, I know I am not sucking because I am still 145. No gains. And when I measured myself with a measuring tape I have lost .5 an inch off of my waist, hips, and thighs over the past month. So yes, I am getting smaller.

Over the last month I have made some significant changes for the better to no avail. I hardly have soda any more. I switched from white rice to brown. I am now working out 1 hour five days a week with five minutes of abs and sit-ups five days a week. I have a fruit or veggie with almost every meal. I am training for another 5 K.

Why in the friggin, frickin, frickity, double frick can I NOT get off these stupid last five pounds?!?! You can understand a little bit of my consternation. However, I want this to be a positive blog, and I understand that without a positive attitude I will loose nothing ever, so I have made a list of some of the good things and positive things that have come out of my weight loss so far. And I need to see them so I am making you read them :)

1. I have lost 45 pounds.
2. I have taken 2 inches from my bust, 9 from my waist, 6 from my hips, 5.5 from my thighs, and 2 from my arms. Awesome.
3. I have learned I like fish- at least Tilapia
4. I have learned that I LOVE squash
5. I can run a 5k in under 30 minutes. (Or right at that :)
6. I have developed a taste for dark chocolate
7. I have learned to NEED to work out. If I don't I feel AWFUL.
8. I LIKE to work-out most of the time.
9. I have learned that I am one of those people that can get up at 6am and head to the gym for an hour before a long work day. Who knew?
10. I have learned more the importance of positive reinforcement- from myself and from others
11. I have learned that I cannot do it alone.
12. I have learned that to do it, I have to want it
13. I have learned to loose weight does NOT come fast. It takes time. But the longer it takes the more time you have to learn and ingrain good eating and exercising habits. (I sound like a YW counselor now huh? :)
14. For the first time I can go into Target, curiously try on a bikini, look at myself in the mirror and say in honesty, "I look GOOD!"
15. I can wear Adam's pants. (This is a BIG achievement that I discovered I could do this morning- I still cant quite button the magical jeans, but his khakis are a PERFECT fit. In the waist at least.)
16. I PREFER rye bread with a spinach and bell pepper sauce to a whole wheat sandwich
17. I ONLY cook or bake with whole wheat flour now
18. I LIKE to cook
19. My spice cabinet has... exploded
20. I can still eat EVERYTHING I want and NOT gain weight
21. You need ALL nutrients to be healthy. Carbs, protein, fiber, and YES- you NEED sugar. Just the right kind.

So I have learned lots of good things. I sleep better, have more energy, get more done... I have come a long way. And I know it is important to remember all of that. And I have hit plateaus before during this... trip.... so I know to wait it out. But... I just haven't ever hit on that has lasted this long.

I would by lying to y'all if I didn't say I wasn't a little disappointed. Part of me just keeps saying, "A month at 145? Throw in the towel- your thin enough. Start maintaining." But then I keep thinking of what Billy Blanks says on every work out tape, "Mind over body." I KNOW I am thin now- I love myself and my body. But I kind of want to PROVE to myself that I CAN get to a goal weight. I don't WANT to be done yet. I want the satisfaction of seeing the 140 on the scale. I feel like once I do.... I'll feel the same way I did when I hiked the tallest mountain in Britain. It's just something you HAVE to do.

Still, it's hard to do that. I am a little frustrated. (Which REALLY makes me want to pound down some oreos :) But don't worry- I won't.) So for the first time... I am actually asking for help :) If any of you have had a similar last few pounds issue, if you know any great tricks (healthy and safe of course) to loosing the last five pounds or holding on until you do- work-outs, recipes, share with me please! I can use every little bit of help I can get.

This is me holding on till the weigh in next Monday! I am exercising like an almost maniac. I am implementing every healthy habit I know. And I am to the point of praying for a 144 on the scale next Monday. Cross your fingers for me! I think I am going to need it.


  1. Sarah, you are amazing! Reading everything that you've done to make your goal is VERY impressive. I've got 3 weeks until I can start working out again. :) My only recommendation is switch up your workout routine and do something new...maybe your muscles are used to what you've been doing? Good luck! I think you rock.

  2. my husband and his family are super work-out-ers and my MIL is an aerobics teacher so they are all really good at this kind of stuff... you said you work out for an hour and then do abs, but I don't know if that means you're lifting weights?? I'm pretty sure that's what he would recommend. I NEVER lifted weights (well, hardly) before I went to the gym with him. I love cardio... working up a good sweat you know? But honestly the weight lifting has been really good and I actually kind of like it now. Muscle burns more calories ALL the time, once you have it- not just while you're working out. If you simultaneously did that AND lowered your calorie intake a little I think that could really help! hmmm... I'm anxious to hear what happens!

  3. Sarah we are sisters in the same boat. 4 weeks and I haven't lost any weight, which is so frustrating. rrrrrrrr!!!! This week I'm changing things up. I'm still doing my cardio but taking a power class 3 times a week. yep 3 times. Lets see if that helps. Valentines Day doesn't help either, but the weekend is over and if trent hasn't eaten all the treats by tomorrow I will throw everything away... seriously. We can do this Sarah. I bet I'll beat you. :)D