Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Day in the Life....

I have been struggling lately with being productive. I know from single college life that I can be a productive/ multi-tasking machine, and I also know from my mothers example that I will need to relearn this habit again to be successful when I am a parent.

My goal for this week was to be productive every day. Yeah... missed that. HOWEVER- I was very good today, and so I am blogging about it because well... this is my blog and I can. :) (Disclaimer- my productive day will seem like a day off to a lot of you. But be forewarned... I am just working myself back into the productive phase of life. Baby steps right?)

6:15 am. Alarm goes off. I groan and roll over and Adam cuddles me. Believe it or not- this is my FAVORITE moment of every day. When Adam tries to talk to me half asleep and is SO cute with his messed up curls all over. I THRIVE in these sleepy, cuddly ten minutes.

6:25 am. Alarm goes off again. This time I get up. I manage to get ready, make lunch for Adam, make breakfast for myself and still get out the door by 6:50.

7am to 1pm. I work. (I know some of you are thinking how can I manage to call my job full time when I only work six hours a day. Easy. I work 10 hour days on Monday and I work every day of the week with the exception of Sunday.)

Work was actually productive. I wasn't uber awesome or anything, but I was training the new store manager for our Payson store and having two people there for my whole shift allowed me to get done everything that needed to be done that I didn't actually expect to get done. So that was good.

1pm. Alison comes to take the rest of the day at work. We talk for a while. I walk home. I eat lunch. I have tried to make it habit to not inhale my food in a matter of ten minutes (yeah, past friends and room-mates are now fondly recalling the immense speed in which I can take in nourishment) so I take my time eating. (left over chicken paella- yum!) Then I check my email.

2pm. I get my butt out the door and walk to Smiths to get the rest of the groceries I need for dinner. Now, I LOVE to grocery shop. No joke. Maybe more than shop for clothes. Even if I don't come out with more than a bag of stuff. So I indulge myself, grabbing all my things, walking around looking at specials, observing other people, before I head for home.

3:15 ish I walk in the door. I put the groceries away, put chicken out to defrost, put rice on to cook, put dirty laundry in to be washed, changed into work out clothes and by

3:30 I am working out!

3:30- 5:00pm. My workout takes ABOUT that long when you include situps, pushups and stretching. Adam calls at

5pm to tell me he is coming home an hour early. So I start putting together dinner, chit-chat with him about his day when he walks in the door, and by

5:30 dinner is in the oven. I cleanup the kitchen, I put the clothes in the dryer. I actually do dishes. All the plates, silverware and tupperware. This makes me awesome.

6pm Adam and I sit down to eat. Again, I take my time enjoying food (a layered bean and Mexican rice with grilled corn chicken- also yum. A new recipe which always makes me a little nervous but we liked it and VERY filling) and of course, Friends is playing in the background. Entertaining, but not so all consuming that we fill bad about talking all the way through it. Mostly- I just like the noise. THAT part of being a parent is actually going to be welcome for me.

7pm I put the food away and hop in the shower. While I am washing my hair I realize I am WAY too lazy to shave my legs, which means when I get out of the shower I am also WAY too lazy to do my hair so I change into PJ's and

7:25 I am at my computer blogging, my hair drying around my face in a curly mess that I will wear to work tomorrow despite how bad it may actually look. (That was a lie- if it looks horrible, like really bad, I will braid it or put it in a ponytail. I do have some self respect.)

The rest of my night? I will finish this, check my email, read whatever articles are new to Weight Watchers today, maybe take the clothes from the dryer, and then spend the rest of the night reading Les Miserables and writing until after eating chocolate pudding I fall asleep on the couch around 10:30 when Adam will wake me up at 11 so I can crawl into bed with him.

I am not some dumb to realize that this is a nothing day to everyone else. And y'all can take solace that I am ENJOYING my free time while I have it. I enjoy it so much that I never do anything else with it :)

However, today I got grocery shopping done, I did the dishes, actually cooked, and got clothes all the way through the dryer. Not too shabby in the Life of Me.

Maybe tomorrow the laundry will get folded. That would be a trick.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top Ten (They are REALLY good this time :)

I realized that I haven't blogged much lately that wasn't about weight loss, and I decided I needed to share some of my favorite things from the past week, even though it's not Sunday.

1. The Olympics. Call me a uber girl if you want but- I LOVE figure skating. I watch all of it. And it makes me SO happy.

2. America. No because we win lots of gold medals, but because when I watch these athletes compete, you can tell by the way they move, and the looks on their faces that the Americans are having TWICE as much fun as anyone else. They love what they are doing, it's their passion, and they are having FUN. Johnny Weir's short figure skating program makes me love America.

3. Oh yes, you better BELIEVE Johnny Weir gets his own number.

4. Feeling brilliant. It doesn't get to happen much with the man I live with, but Adam is in a literature class and for their mid-term they had to write an 8 page essay "discussing the over reaching theme of reality vs fiction in Don Quixote and The Tempest". Not a very 200 level class topic. Never fear :) The wife is a English BA. Reading my ideas/ outline/ and comparisons to Adams and watching him get excited over my genius made me feel SOO good.

5. USAA car insurance. Because we pay next to nothing and get CRAZY coverage. 3 tows in the past month and we only had to pay for one.

6. Short Hair. Adam likes me hair long so much I don't suppose I will ever cut it- but seeing everyone's cute short hair lately makes me really wish my hair was after England length. Plus, all these full cute bobs are just so wonderful! Love the short hair right now.

7. Pumpernickel bread (or Einsteins pumpernickel bagel) and cream cheese.

8. Heat. You don't realize how important it is until it goes out at work and you spend 6 to 7 hours a day in a 30 degree room. Kramer was right in that episode where he falls asleep in his hot tub- man when that core temperature goes down you better give yourself almost 12 hours to get it even close to normal again.

9. Curls. Not just my own which make is MUCH easier to do my long unruly hair easier to do when I don't feel like doing it- but I LOVE Adam's curls. I love watching him shake them when he gets out of the shower, I love getting to play with them when he comes home. I love imagining our adorable children with them. I hope EVERY single one of them gets his... or I guess my own hair :)

10. That I have gotten good enough at cooking that when I don't want to or don't have the means to go to the store and buy frozen chicken for the recipes I have planned, I can pull meat and veggies from my freezer and cupboards, mix some spices, freeze dried potatoes and cheese in, and make AWESOME meals.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear Scale

Dear Scale,

I know you and I don't have a very good relationship. I haven't made it much of a secret that I loathe you, and you haven't kept it to yourself that you loathe me as well. And I don't blame you. I stand on you, I keep you sequestered into a corner of the kitchen. I argue with you when you tell me things. I almost always disagree with everything that you say...

Despite all of this, I just wanted to let you know that I really, REALLY appreciate what you said to me this morning. "144." It was like a wonderful boon and it made my day. In return, I promise not to yell at you all week, or to throw you next time you make me mad.

Thanks again, for letting me be a pound lighter this week.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Almost Fed Up. Almost.

One month ago I made a goal to loose 5 pounds in 4 weeks. This is actually, or has been, my normal rate of weight loss. Five pounds every month. I publicly made the goal that I would be 140 by Valentines Day.

February 15th and I am still 145, as of my weigh in this morning.

However, I know I am not sucking because I am still 145. No gains. And when I measured myself with a measuring tape I have lost .5 an inch off of my waist, hips, and thighs over the past month. So yes, I am getting smaller.

Over the last month I have made some significant changes for the better to no avail. I hardly have soda any more. I switched from white rice to brown. I am now working out 1 hour five days a week with five minutes of abs and sit-ups five days a week. I have a fruit or veggie with almost every meal. I am training for another 5 K.

Why in the friggin, frickin, frickity, double frick can I NOT get off these stupid last five pounds?!?! You can understand a little bit of my consternation. However, I want this to be a positive blog, and I understand that without a positive attitude I will loose nothing ever, so I have made a list of some of the good things and positive things that have come out of my weight loss so far. And I need to see them so I am making you read them :)

1. I have lost 45 pounds.
2. I have taken 2 inches from my bust, 9 from my waist, 6 from my hips, 5.5 from my thighs, and 2 from my arms. Awesome.
3. I have learned I like fish- at least Tilapia
4. I have learned that I LOVE squash
5. I can run a 5k in under 30 minutes. (Or right at that :)
6. I have developed a taste for dark chocolate
7. I have learned to NEED to work out. If I don't I feel AWFUL.
8. I LIKE to work-out most of the time.
9. I have learned that I am one of those people that can get up at 6am and head to the gym for an hour before a long work day. Who knew?
10. I have learned more the importance of positive reinforcement- from myself and from others
11. I have learned that I cannot do it alone.
12. I have learned that to do it, I have to want it
13. I have learned to loose weight does NOT come fast. It takes time. But the longer it takes the more time you have to learn and ingrain good eating and exercising habits. (I sound like a YW counselor now huh? :)
14. For the first time I can go into Target, curiously try on a bikini, look at myself in the mirror and say in honesty, "I look GOOD!"
15. I can wear Adam's pants. (This is a BIG achievement that I discovered I could do this morning- I still cant quite button the magical jeans, but his khakis are a PERFECT fit. In the waist at least.)
16. I PREFER rye bread with a spinach and bell pepper sauce to a whole wheat sandwich
17. I ONLY cook or bake with whole wheat flour now
18. I LIKE to cook
19. My spice cabinet has... exploded
20. I can still eat EVERYTHING I want and NOT gain weight
21. You need ALL nutrients to be healthy. Carbs, protein, fiber, and YES- you NEED sugar. Just the right kind.

So I have learned lots of good things. I sleep better, have more energy, get more done... I have come a long way. And I know it is important to remember all of that. And I have hit plateaus before during this... trip.... so I know to wait it out. But... I just haven't ever hit on that has lasted this long.

I would by lying to y'all if I didn't say I wasn't a little disappointed. Part of me just keeps saying, "A month at 145? Throw in the towel- your thin enough. Start maintaining." But then I keep thinking of what Billy Blanks says on every work out tape, "Mind over body." I KNOW I am thin now- I love myself and my body. But I kind of want to PROVE to myself that I CAN get to a goal weight. I don't WANT to be done yet. I want the satisfaction of seeing the 140 on the scale. I feel like once I do.... I'll feel the same way I did when I hiked the tallest mountain in Britain. It's just something you HAVE to do.

Still, it's hard to do that. I am a little frustrated. (Which REALLY makes me want to pound down some oreos :) But don't worry- I won't.) So for the first time... I am actually asking for help :) If any of you have had a similar last few pounds issue, if you know any great tricks (healthy and safe of course) to loosing the last five pounds or holding on until you do- work-outs, recipes, share with me please! I can use every little bit of help I can get.

This is me holding on till the weigh in next Monday! I am exercising like an almost maniac. I am implementing every healthy habit I know. And I am to the point of praying for a 144 on the scale next Monday. Cross your fingers for me! I think I am going to need it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week of Love Day 2

Today's love shout out is really like a confession for me.

Yes, you heard me right. Peanut butter. I am obsessed. You put me on a desert island and said I could either have ONLY the Rio, or have ONLY peanut butter.... I think I would choose the latter.

I am also a connoisseur. I only eat Jiff and Skippy. If there is peanut butter candy to be bought it HAS to be name brand and not the off brand otherwise the peanut butter is NASTY.

You know how some people are with ranch? Or mustard? Where they will put it on EVERYTHING? Pizza, sandwiches, ranch dip, ranch powder for your popcorn, ranch flavoring for potatoes or chicken... this is how I am with the PB. In fact, I was remarking to Adam last night how you know you can buy cheese flavoring for your popcorn? I wish they would do that with peanut butter. And I would use it. All the time.

Yes, I DO realize that PB may NOT be the... healthiest thing in the world. Usually I save my intake for Sunday morning- 2 pieces of peanut butter toast for breakfast. It makes my Sunday morning special, and since we don't eat lunch since we are in church, it saves me when it come to calories.

Sometimes during the week I can't stand it though. Like this morning. I had a peanut butter craving break down. So, I am going to have leftover grilled potatoes for lunch instead of a sandwich and I indulged.
Slices of thick warm double fiber whole wheat bread, with melting Skippy all over the top- it does it for me. I think more than chocolate. It fills me it, it satisfies the craving (though often ten minutes after the toast is gone I want more) but when I eat it slowly and savor it... it makes my day JUST that more right.

So yes, my name is Sarah Moeck. And I am addicted to Peanut Butter. And I do NOT plan on getting help, any time soon :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week of Love

As I have said before... I LOVE Valentines day. Its a great way to show people you love them, to feel love for yourself and well, everything is red and pink. I HEART it :)

So for this week at work, I am doing a blog a day about people/ things we as a company love and I thought, why in the world not do it on my home blog? I know I missed Monday, but I will post every other day this week about something that Adam and I, or maybe just I, heart.

And the first?


Adam and I are VERY different when it comes to how we... collect music. Though we do have some similar tastes. Adam has to be able to listen to every song in his i-tunes library over and over. Every song is a 5 star song. If he ever finds himself skipping a song, he gets rid of it.

I am much more of an... emotional? music collector. All of my music is categorized into "feeling" or "situation" playlists. I have work-out (Hello Country Grammar!), cleaning (Latin music works the best for this), mad (a little Breaking Benjamin, Korn, or whoever it is that sings Texas Cries LOVE IT), running (Linkin Park. I'm sorry- you CANNOT beat the beat), driving in the car (90's love- Ace of Base), sad (the end of the Runaway Bride soundtrack on repeat), writing (Second Hand Serenade and Frou Frou), soothing (a little De Bussey and Frank Sinatra here), sexy (Get it on. Come on. Everyone HAS to have that song on their I-tunes) and etc.

Now, there is the "good for everything" category as well. These are songs that seem to transcend everything else and are good for... well... everything. Yes, this is when we bring out Vertical Horizon, Taylor Swift, Barbara Streisand, Jo Dee Mecina, Neil Diamond, Wilson Phillips, The Wicked Soundtrack, Phil Vassar, Savage Garden, Sugar Ray etc. Music I have been listening too my entire life and will NEVER give up. This is what my kids will moan about when they have to ride in the car with me, and they will find themselves adding to their playlists when they leave to college because... well, what is life without a little Barbara?

If you think that's bad... many of my playlists have SUB categories to them as well. The workout playlist has the good mood playlist (bubbly, upbeat- think Mariah Carey remixes and a little Black Eyed Peas with their Boom Boom's) and the bad day workout playlist (Linkin Park again, Kelly Clarkson- anything that I can really scream or bang my head too. ACDC works as well. Get a little "American Thighs" in there)

My favorite playlist- is the bubbly, happy, exciting, I'm getting ready for a party while dancing in the bathroom in my underwear (I think only girls understand this situation); the dancing playlist. This features a little of everything... something with an AMAZING beat (Bleed it Out by Linkin Park) something that I want to wag my butt too (Sean Paul- Get On Into The Bed Girl is a great one or Nelly) something that makes me feel SUPER girly (Atomic Kitten- the one from the Lindsey McGuire Movie, or Pat Bentar- think Black Velvet and We Are Young) and a little latin funk (how could I forget Pasame la Botelle?) I'm talking the playlist you hear in movies like She's The Man.

I um... dance in the shower. Always. Either that or I sing to myself. My neighbors probably loathe me when at 2-o-clock in the afternoon when I am done running on jumps the Kaity Perry and Bowling for Soup and all you here is thump, thump which is me getting my groove on while I lather.

Now- I know many of you may feel too embarrassed to do this. So do it when no one is home. I wait until Adam is at school to really embarrass myself in front of my bathroom and kitchen walls. But the point is- DO IT. Trust me. Nothing, NOTHING makes you feel happier, better, sexier than dancing to something that you really REALLY love.

So- this Valentines Day I LOVE music- and I am so glad Adam is just as obsessed with it- albeit a little more selectively than I am- because our home will never be a house of silence.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Update

I realized that though I may blog a bit... :) It has also been a while since I have told you what is actually going on in our lives. So that is what I am going to do! In my ever so classical listing/ numbered method.

1a. Yes, it is official. We ARE moving to Johnson City Tennessee at the end of April. We don't have an exact date YET, but we WILL be out of our apartment before the 1st of May. We will be living with Adams parents for a while to save some money. We are VERY excited. (And that is not sarcastic in the least. I seriously CANNOT wait!)

1b. I bet when I put - its official- y'all thought I was prego. haha! As if :)
1c. This also means, as time gets closer, if any of you need cheap furniture... call or email. Because we are getting rid of EVERYTHING. (Except Stevie the TV. Though his VERY small grandfather is up for grabs) That means couches, coffee table, book shelves, entertainment center, chairs, desks... maybe even some kitchen stuff. Snowboarding stuff is up for grabs now too if you want/ need it.

2. Adam is in school... :) He is doing just fine, though he has a MAJOR case of senoritis. I... do not help. Unless it is his literature class. Then I try too. We are looking forward to his graduation in April. (Yay!)

3. I LOVE writing on my blog for work! (Ps- we want to do something about quilters- so if you have a quilting something you would want me too, or wouldn't mind me putting a picture of on my work blog- email it to me!)

4. I am planning on running the Rex Lee run in March to fulfill one of my year goals. (Run a 5k)
5. My best friend Jairus came into town this week for Sundance. We went to the mall and out to the Rio afterwards. Jairus is the god that introduced me to that restaurant. He also saved my life the last year of Adams mission, and when my other best friend passed away when I came home from England. I heart him VERY much!
6. My car Tyrone died this week. After 28 years of life he decided if was time for his engine to explode while I was on the highway. ha! True story, but everything worked out fine. We actually weren't that upset... he was going to have to go before the move as well. We not only saved a GRIP on insurance (by NOT switching to Geico)- and we were only paid 75 as it was, but we are selling my car to a junker for $150+. Nice. The only time it is a nuisance is when I want to go grocery shopping and Adam is at school. Oh well, more walking for me! Which can only be a good thing. So RIP Tyrone. RIP.

7. We have come up with a plan for our technological future. We are going to save all summer. And then when Adam goes back to school we are going to sell both of our lap tops, get a nice desktop and then EACH invest in an i-pad. Yes, are not FANS, we are OBSESSED. And in love. How mac-tastic our world is!
8. My best friend Jordan came into town this week for her sisters baby. We went to Noodles and Company and then back to my house where we literally talked and laughed for HOURS. The funny thing about Jordan, is when I met her on my dorm floor freshman year, the moment I laid eyes on her I was SURE we would never be friends :) And then the first time we talked I discovered that Jordan not only knew about and understood my mental world of make believe and fantasy, she could play IN there with me! The first person since my best friend in fourth grade to be able to do that. I heart her very much as well.
9. Adam, being amazing as he is, actually started planning with one of his mission buddies for a Monday night couple family home evening... thing. (We are VERY bad at FHE because well... every night is FHE in our house.) But, Alex and his wife came over and I made- I will admit- a BANGING shepherds pie, and then we played a game called Buzz Word? I had never played and I LOVED it.
10. I discovered you can make bread from canned pears and diet coke. And its GOOD!
And that is our current life in 10 things or less :) As obvious, it doesn't take much to keep us happy. Just a new season of Lost, the Rio, Jari Love work out videos, and... well as corny as it sounds... each other. Yay!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beating the Scale

I have learned that there are actually four different ways to weigh yourself/ measure your weight loss. Yes four.

1. The Scale. I call this "the classic method." This is where, early in the morning when you are wearing practically nothing and you have just gone pee, you stand on a black box and it says, "Hello Sarah Moeck! I know you have done great this week, worked out every day and eaten just right. But I hate you. So you do not get to loose weight, but you have to weight the exact same as the last time you stood on me."

2. The Measuring Tape. I call this "the method of inches." You take a soft measuring tape and when you are naked you measure around your bust, hips, waist, thighs, arms etc. This is when you notice that though the scale hates you, your thighs are actually an inch smaller than they were the week before. That's right. You (and I) ROCK.

3. The Eye. I call this "the department store test." This is really just where you look in a mirror, or when you put on your clothes. And you say, "wow that sweater DOES NOT look good." Why? IT IS TOO BIG!! Or, you can look at pictures of yourself a year ago compared to now and say- I look awesome!

4. The Feel. I call this "husbands help". :) Haha- was the bawdy enough for you? No really- I actually came up with this method earlier today when I got out of the shower. I was actually feeling my legs to make sure I hadn't missed any large patches of hair when I was shaving when I realized how easy it was for my hand to span my leg. Didn't used to be so easy. And when I was tapping my tummy getting excited for dessert (peach crumble... that's right- I am amazing) I realized... what? It's hard? Since when?

So... ugly black scale... its three against your stupid, awful, no good opinion. I have thin thighs, a hard tummy, and my clothes are too big. All signs to the fact that I actually, yes, HAVE lost weight, and that I actually AM awesome and very good looking, and very healthy.

So suck it.