Sunday, January 17, 2010

The V-Day Challenge

I have fallen off the Band Wagon. Sort of.

My goal during the Christmas/ New Year season was simply not to gain weight. I did GREAT! But since then I have had a hard time getting BACK into the groove of loosing weight, not just maintaining. I have SIX more pounds to loose until I reach my goal weight- which is NOTHING when I think of how far I have come. (44 pounds down.)

So, my best friend Becky told me about a goal she had to get down to a certain weight by Valentines Day. It inspired me, and we made a Valentines Day challenge. We both have our own personal goals of what we want to do, maintaining a healthy weight loss amount throughout the weeks, and we are giving ourselves rewards if we make it. Making it a challenge between the two of us keeps us responsible to one another. We have to report back.

I am writing this post with the idea that it will make me accountable :) . So, the goal for me: loose 6 pounds. Which would put me at 140- goal weight- by Valentines Day.

My reward: Adam and I are going to use a gift card- a Christmas gift from Adam's sister- to have a GREAT dinner at Olive Garden, and then I get to buy something expensive and fun. A- I want piece of clothing, not an I need.

I have taped the gift card to the fridge as a reminder. A picture of the outfit I have already picked out to the bathroom mirror, and I am planning on making paper hearts which serve a dual purpose- fun decorations AND a reminder of the "V-Day challenge" to keep me going.

I have written out a menu for the week, and planned out time for exercise every day. I am making no excuses. I will succeed!

The challenge starts tomorrow so wish me luck!

(PS- This is the first post where I when I clicked on spell check there was nothing to correct. Go me!)


  1. I just keep looking over your pictures on your sidebar, you have come such a long way! YOu can do it! 6lbs is small potatoes compared to what you've done!! <3

  2. GO SARAH!! If you ever get bored of recipes, I have some pretty good ones that might work for ya...

  3. Man! You are a skinny-minnie! I would love to weigh 140 by Valentine's Day. Let's hope breastfeeding comes through! You can 100% do it! I love the idea of a V-Day challenge!

  4. Hey Sarah! Long time no see! I saw on FB that you love to blog so I saw your link and wanted to say HI! Good luck on your goal- you'll do it for sure!

  5. its jordan lydia: you look amazing now! but i am excited for you to get your dream weight! use the tips i sent you! love you!

  6. is it losing or loosing? lol loose as in: loose piece of string or lose as in: did you lose something?

  7. wow go sarah... I too am trying to get back into a workout regimen and it is TOUGH! I keep trying to find ways to switch it up like swimming, yoga, etc. Our date is by April 10th (the week before my husband's best friend's wedding). And my goal is to bench press 65 lbs! you have inspired me to get my butt to the gym tonight!!!