Sunday, January 24, 2010

Top Ten

1. Peanut Butter. I have no idea why but every day this week all I have wanted was spoonfuls of peanut butter. (Don't worry- I didn't.) But eating peanut butter toast this morning was one of the best parts of my week.
2. Knight Errant stories. Maybe because Adam is reading Don Quixote and Le Morte de Arthur, or maybe because the new book I am writing is kind of like one- I have been obsessed with watching things like First Knight and Tristan and Isolde.
3. On line radio stations. Because of it, I can listen to my favorite country talk show from OREGON while I am at work.
4. LOST. (Wonderfully brought to us by Hulu- thank you!) We realized that since the last season starts in February that we should catch up... and we ended up watching a season and a half in two days haha!
5. Hearts! My sister in law Amy graciously came over this week to teach me/ remind me how to play. It is her and Adam's dads favorite game, and I told myself I wasn't going to move there in April unless I knew how to play. And not suck :) I have found a new favorite card game! I can't wait to play again.
6. Running in the snow. I have boycotted all cold weather running in the past because it makes my lungs ache. But I went out Wednesday morning and realized- when it is snowing- there is water in the air. Water= no lung ache. Makes me even MORE excited to move to Tennessee where there is water in the air ALL the time!
7. Black Licorice. Everyone else hates it- and Adam can't stand how my breath smells when I eat it- but man I LOVE IT
8. Having something to write on. I write a lot of stories, and where I think they are all great, I get tired of one. I need to hop around from story to story like I need to with books or with workouts. Its been a long time since I have had something new and it feels good.
9. Dancing when no one is watching. We all do it. Admit it. After a good run I like nothing more than to put my hopping playlist on some speakers in the bathroom and dance so hard in the shower I think my limbs are going to fall off :) If you haven't done it lately do it tomorrow. It is SO rewarding.
10. Valentines Day is coming up. I know most people think it is a crack pot holiday but I am here to admit- I like it. I even did when I was single. (Though it wasn't quite as fun then.) Sure its about giving and getting chocolate and cards- but how good do you feel when you get a card? That's right. And giving one to someone else makes them feel the same way. Plus.... I love that all the stores are decorated in pink :)

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