Saturday, January 30, 2010

Second Review- kickboxing

Yesterday morning I did "the best boot camp" kickboxing workout. Originally, I was disappointed. I thought since the video was reviewed in the magazine as the best boot camp that it was going to be SO INTENSE. It was not near as intense as I was hoping.


It is a GREAT movie. For those of you who haven't tried tae bo, kickboxing, or anything of the like, and have kind of wanted too but feel too silly to go to a class- this is the video that you HAVE to have. What's wonderful about it is that the woman who teaches it goes through every move slowly so you get the PERFECT way to execute these moves without hurting yourself.

I don't mean to say that it's not a good workout. With the warm up and cool down the whole thing will take you a little over 50 minutes to do. And you DEFINITELY sweat. It's just not as intense as I originally thought it would be. But- it IS a good workout. One of those light ones you do the day AFTER an intense one, but when you still want to sweat.

In fact, even if you DO tae bo and kickboxing, I would still suggest doing this movie a few times a month. Just to remind yourself of the right way to do the moves. This teacher is so great she even gives you tips on how to land when you are doing jumping jacks to help keep your joints safe and healthy. I felt like I was learning while I was working out.

The first half of the DVD, after a VERY good warm-up, is weights with cardio bursts in between. Then the next 20-30 minutes is a straight cardio kickboxing workout- basic and very fun combination's. I think doing the weights first actually loosened and warmed up my muscles- they say if you do weights first you burn MORE when you do your cardio. And then the teacher also had a great cool down when you are done.

So- in general :) This is a wonderful and light workout. You are NOT going to burn 500 calories every half hour like you might with Jari Love but you will sweat and you WILL work. It loosens you up and gets you ready for the day. And those days when you don't really want to work-out, it is the type of thing to get you moving with hating yourself :)

And if you are interested in, or already do any type of kickboxing and tae bo- GET IT. You need it just to make sure and remind yourself that you are doing it right.

And I will be trying the dancing video next week- probably Tuesday or Thursday so just stay tuned :)

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