Friday, January 15, 2010

First Kiss

January 15th 2005, 8:30 pm

I am sitting on the couch in Ryan and Shannon's living room. A small townhouse in Provo. I came over at six with Adam and we babysat for a while. Made Macaroni and Cheese. Put Adams two little nieces to bed after reading MANY books and singing songs. We are now watching Dumb and Dumber.

And arguing. Adam has now been my best friend for three months. He tells me everything, and vice versa. Ever since we have come back from Christmas break, he had refused to talk to me about the girls he likes, and why. I am using this chance to really dig into him about not just the girls he liked before break, but why he won't talk to me about them now.

Adam finally gets irritated. Mostly because I am not paying enough attention to his favorite movie. He puts Dumb and Dumber on pause. I look at the VCR which is how I now remember the time. I turn to him actually excited about his irritation because this means, I get what I want. He is going to talk to me.

I was wrong. Adam turns to me, sighs and says, still irritated, (this is in paraphrase of course) "You know why I haven't been talking to you about those girls?"

Before I can even respond he leans across the couch, and kisses me. My first kiss ever. I didn't even realize what was going on until he was already pulling away. I didn't get more than a half kiss in back. My eyes are as wide as saucers as Adam sighs and says, "THAT's why."

Then without saying anything else to me he turns back around and turns the TV back on.

January 15th 2010 8:45 pm

I am sitting on the couch in me and Adams house. A basement apartment in Provo. We are watching House. I made hamburgers for dinner. Adam is laughing at me now as I retell him this story. He thinks its funny I even remember. But I was 18, it was my first kiss ever. And... I am one of those nostalgic, romantic type people.

Fifteen million kisses and five years later, I think I might enjoy Adams kisses even more now than I did back then. Partly because now I always get the chance to kiss him back. Even when he still surprises me.

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  1. Sarah I love you!!!! I remember my first kiss with Trent but not the date and time. You are hilarious. But it wouldn't be you if you didn't know. I love that we love our boys so much and that we are so happy and still best friends. Muah!!!!