Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Do's and Don't of Being Sick

DO- get sick during a holiday when you don't have to go anywhere or do anything
DO NOT- get sick the first week of school, and before a work week you can't back out of

DO- get sick when you are married. Watching your spouse take care of you will make you seriously feel better
DO NOT- allow both spouses to get sick together. Then you are just miserable because no one can take of you or themselves

DO- Drink LOTS of Theraflu
DO NOT- buy Tylenol Head Congestion thinking it will DE-congest you. It does the opposite

DO- eat healthy foods you normally wouldn't. You cant taste it right?
DO NOT- eat leftovers without your spouse/ room-mate smelling it first. You cant smell- how do you know if its okay?

DO- watch lots and lots of House. Your not getting your spleen removed so you are MUCH better off than all of his patients
DO NOT- watch the episode of House where the girl with a little couch turns out to have terminal metastatic lung cancer. It will make you VERY paranoid

DO- Sleep with a humidifier. (Ours is a green frog we named Paco) Especially use this tip if you live in Utah
DO NOT- sleep fully lying down. That is where you sore throat is coming from. Keep your head elevated and it will all drain down

DO- read your husbands chemistry book, or read Shakespeare out loud. You will sound HILARIOUS.
DO NOT- try this in class. A passionate teacher may not see how that is as funny as you do.

From the Sick Twins in Provo- hope your week has been healthier than ours! (Though the rest of the week outside of couching has been dynamite.)
Sarah and Adam


  1. This made me laugh-especially the reading Shakespeare part. I hope that you two get feeling better soon!

  2. Love this!!! Sorry you're not feeling well... but great tips! I wish we had a humidifier. We need one. Oh, and I couldn't figure out why a girl with a little couch had metastatic lung cancer. Then I realized you meant COUGH. Haha! Love it sarah!