Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blogging Weight Loss

I have been rather upset about my weight loss recently. It seems these last five pounds are going to be the hardest to loose of the whole 45. They just want to hold on! I was super disappointed to see last week that I wasn't loosing the last five as fast as I wanted too. (IE: valentines day.)

I have to keep myself buoyed up by knowing that I am eating super healthy and not too much. And also knowing that I am working out hard! I am doing all I can and I guess if its going to take a month to make those last months slide off well so be it. I will NOT be beat by my own pounds!

What's been interesting, is that while I have been upset this week- I have gotten the most support to what I am doing than ever before! I remember months ago when I decided to start blogging about weight loss because I felt I needed to talk about what I was doing some how.

Blogging about this has been the best thing I have ever done. It has given me land marks to see how well I have done, to keep my spirits up, and most of all- to get the support that I didn't even know when I started, that I would need.

Adam's aunt emailed me today to tell me she had been reading my blog and was so inspired by what I was doing. In a moment she washed away all the negative thoughts I had been having about myself, and made me see how far I have come and gave me the new resolve that even if it takes a long time, I can KEEP doing this. Even when I am the weight I want to be- I can maintain a healthy life style.

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  1. Good to hear! I'm glad the blog has helped! I remember when I was trying to lose weight it was the hardest thing ever to work out and eat right and not see results.. you just have to keep in mind what you are doing today won't really catch up to you for a little while (I want to say weeks but I'm not exactly sure..) anyway that's one of the reasons people don't stick with it because results take time. Ugh. Not fair, I know. But since you are doing things the right way, you'll have lasting results!! Go Sarah! (: