Friday, January 22, 2010

At Home

I work out at home. I NEVER used to do this, but since leaving APX (BEST thing I ever did for myself by the way) I no longer had a gym pass so I HAD to work out from home. It is more convenient, but the problem with working out from home is that you loose some work out options. (Its a lot harder to take a class inside your living room.) And, when you are like me and are moving in three months so you cant buy exercise equipment because your husband does not want to lug it cross country- your hands become a little tied.

I get bored with work-outs. Easily. I never do the same thing two days in a row because for some reason- I need variety and entertainment. So far I have done pretty well. I run two or three days a week. Always on a different route so I see new things. And I have become a work out video junkie. As I have said before- I am obsessed with Billy Blanks Tae Bo so I do that every week. (I have two different videos of his) and once I week I do some sort of strength training, pilates or yoga. I have a video for each of those things.

But this past week I realized I was getting bored with my routine. Again. Craving a little variety. Lucky for me my Fitness magazine came in the mail this week (I some how won a free years subscription to it, and I WILL pay money to renew that when the time comes) and there was an AWESOME article about the "top do it yourself from home work-out videos" for all different genres.

BINGO!! So- I decided if you are like me and have to work out from home that I might share the love and share the titles of these wonderful movies with you. I bought three of them this morning- all from Amazon under 10 dollars, and I will be sure to write about how great they are when they come in the mail in a week.

PS- these are not really pregnant mom work-outs. BUT- I did get a hint from the same article that if you are pregnant or just had a baby, Parents magazine's last magazine had an entire section on menus and work-outs to loose the baby fat and keep it off while you are growing, and still get the nutrients you need. I have not checked it out yet but it sounds AWESOME.

Now for the video titles! (I am using the descriptive titles the magazine used here so no laughing)

Best Boredom Busting Routine
Shive Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga
includes seven 20 minute workouts, and all you have to have is a mat

Best Dancefest
(You better BELIEVE that I bought this one)
So You think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk
made by the previous stars and runner ups to the show, there are 14 30 minute routines, and before each the instructors show you ALL the moves so you don't get lost!

Best Boot Camp
Weight Loss Cardio Kick
(Also bought this one- LOVE LOVE my kickboxing!)
2 20 minute workouts, a mix of kickboxing, aerobics, and martial arts. All you need are some light dumbbells

Best Belly Blaster
Exhale Core Fusion Pure Abs and Arms
5 10 minute sessions for arms and abs. The video comes with a resistance band, but you will also need a mat and come light dumbbells
(do you guys actually use mats when working out at home? I just use the carpet... even for yoga)

Best Butt and Thighs
Physique 57 Express 30 Minute Full Body Work Out
Tones all over, but mostly concentrates on the lower half. 30 minutes long, you need a mat, towel, chair, and possibly a playground ball

Best Calorie Burning Session
(This is the other one I bought- 500 calories every 30 minutes!)
Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped 1000
2 30 minute sessions, suppose to kick your butt better than any other video out there. All you need is a mat and some dumbbells

Best Pilates Workout
10 Minute Solution: Quick Sculpt Pilates
5 10 minute session that you can combine into one 50 minute session. The tape comes with a toning ball and you will need a mat
(I have some 10 Minute Solutions videos for Beginners Yoga and and Latin Dancing, and they are both very good)

Best Time Saving Routine
Personal Training With Jackie: Power Circuit Training
One 40 minute total body workout and four 15 minute circuits, each that targets trouble zones. Need a mat and dumbbells

Best Allover Toning
Gilad Total Body Sculpt Plus: Peak Performance
2 45 minute workout focused on either arms or legs or on shoulders, butts and thights. Need a mat dumbbells and a resistance band

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  1. sarah!!where are you moving to?? and if your moving i need to see you before this happens!! i will be in utah next weekend (jan.29th-30th) and then 2 weekends after that (feb.13th-14th) send me your phone number on facebook and ill give you a call and maybe we can get together!!