Saturday, January 30, 2010

Second Review- kickboxing

Yesterday morning I did "the best boot camp" kickboxing workout. Originally, I was disappointed. I thought since the video was reviewed in the magazine as the best boot camp that it was going to be SO INTENSE. It was not near as intense as I was hoping.


It is a GREAT movie. For those of you who haven't tried tae bo, kickboxing, or anything of the like, and have kind of wanted too but feel too silly to go to a class- this is the video that you HAVE to have. What's wonderful about it is that the woman who teaches it goes through every move slowly so you get the PERFECT way to execute these moves without hurting yourself.

I don't mean to say that it's not a good workout. With the warm up and cool down the whole thing will take you a little over 50 minutes to do. And you DEFINITELY sweat. It's just not as intense as I originally thought it would be. But- it IS a good workout. One of those light ones you do the day AFTER an intense one, but when you still want to sweat.

In fact, even if you DO tae bo and kickboxing, I would still suggest doing this movie a few times a month. Just to remind yourself of the right way to do the moves. This teacher is so great she even gives you tips on how to land when you are doing jumping jacks to help keep your joints safe and healthy. I felt like I was learning while I was working out.

The first half of the DVD, after a VERY good warm-up, is weights with cardio bursts in between. Then the next 20-30 minutes is a straight cardio kickboxing workout- basic and very fun combination's. I think doing the weights first actually loosened and warmed up my muscles- they say if you do weights first you burn MORE when you do your cardio. And then the teacher also had a great cool down when you are done.

So- in general :) This is a wonderful and light workout. You are NOT going to burn 500 calories every half hour like you might with Jari Love but you will sweat and you WILL work. It loosens you up and gets you ready for the day. And those days when you don't really want to work-out, it is the type of thing to get you moving with hating yourself :)

And if you are interested in, or already do any type of kickboxing and tae bo- GET IT. You need it just to make sure and remind yourself that you are doing it right.

And I will be trying the dancing video next week- probably Tuesday or Thursday so just stay tuned :)

Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday I came home from work all ready to eat some lunch and hit the streets. (For a run of course.) As I am coming down the stairs to my apartment I see a brown box sticking out of my mailbox.

Oh yes. The work-out DVD's have come. (yay!)

So, yesterday I tried Jari Loves Get Ripped 1000. In place of the run.


It is a GREAT little over an hour long work out. She has a wonderful warm-up (a lot of videos skimp in this area so this was a big #1 thing for me) and then does three minutes cardio, two minutes weights for... 45? 50 minutes? Then there are abs and a cool-down.

The best part of the workout is that she had three different levels all easily shown at the same time. So even if you can work high intensity on one, doesn't mean you have too for all of them. And you know how some work-out videos make you feel that if you are NOT working high intensity you are not working hard enough? Jari doesn't. Sometimes she herself has to go down to a lower level and her background helpers finish off the high.

My second favorite thing is there is a timer. For every few minute segment, when it gets down to the last 30 seconds, a timer comes up ticking those few seconds away. I don't know about you, but when I get into a work-out, often when I don't know how long it is going to last, and I get tired, I stop pushing myself. Knowing those are your last 30 seconds really helps you to HOLD ON and go to the end, maximizing what you can do.

For a fun addition, she also has facts scroll across the bottom of the screen. What that exercise does for your body, how many calories you burn, why it is good to work that muscle if you are doing a different exercise... she does a lot of things that are targeted towards runners- to strengthen legs and stance and make you healthier and more efficient.

You will want a step. Not for all of the exercises, but for a good portion you wont get the burn you want if you do not have one.

It does take a long time to do when you add in her really good warm-up and cool down. Those are so important to do! They really help to minimize the hurt the next day, while leaving you feeling like you have really worked yourself.

So over all- any one can do it, just don't be afraid to stay on low intensity until you work yourself up. It is an AWESOME pumping work-out, and fun. Jari is great. But, you really do have to have the time to do the whole thing, to really reap the benefits.

But I am recommending it :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blogging Weight Loss

I have been rather upset about my weight loss recently. It seems these last five pounds are going to be the hardest to loose of the whole 45. They just want to hold on! I was super disappointed to see last week that I wasn't loosing the last five as fast as I wanted too. (IE: valentines day.)

I have to keep myself buoyed up by knowing that I am eating super healthy and not too much. And also knowing that I am working out hard! I am doing all I can and I guess if its going to take a month to make those last months slide off well so be it. I will NOT be beat by my own pounds!

What's been interesting, is that while I have been upset this week- I have gotten the most support to what I am doing than ever before! I remember months ago when I decided to start blogging about weight loss because I felt I needed to talk about what I was doing some how.

Blogging about this has been the best thing I have ever done. It has given me land marks to see how well I have done, to keep my spirits up, and most of all- to get the support that I didn't even know when I started, that I would need.

Adam's aunt emailed me today to tell me she had been reading my blog and was so inspired by what I was doing. In a moment she washed away all the negative thoughts I had been having about myself, and made me see how far I have come and gave me the new resolve that even if it takes a long time, I can KEEP doing this. Even when I am the weight I want to be- I can maintain a healthy life style.

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Blog!

The guys who own my company have tried to start a blog. Kind of funny I know seeing as it is a dry cleaning company, but they want it to be a space where they can take about dry cleaning in general, answer questions, talk about cool things our company is doing, the community is doing, and just some fun and funny stories.

Anyways- I kind of asked them, and they kind of said they had thought of me... and I am getting to write it! So though I know you might not read it much, check it out every once and a while. I posted a really cute Santa story today, and hope to do things like comics too.

Also, if you have any questions, curiosities, comments etc. I want to do a Q and A each week, so comment and ask me! You can comment here, the dry cleaning blog, ( or you can email my work email

Either way- I get to write for work now... that's pretty cool :)

I posted a link to the right here as well so you can view it any time.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Top Ten

1. Peanut Butter. I have no idea why but every day this week all I have wanted was spoonfuls of peanut butter. (Don't worry- I didn't.) But eating peanut butter toast this morning was one of the best parts of my week.
2. Knight Errant stories. Maybe because Adam is reading Don Quixote and Le Morte de Arthur, or maybe because the new book I am writing is kind of like one- I have been obsessed with watching things like First Knight and Tristan and Isolde.
3. On line radio stations. Because of it, I can listen to my favorite country talk show from OREGON while I am at work.
4. LOST. (Wonderfully brought to us by Hulu- thank you!) We realized that since the last season starts in February that we should catch up... and we ended up watching a season and a half in two days haha!
5. Hearts! My sister in law Amy graciously came over this week to teach me/ remind me how to play. It is her and Adam's dads favorite game, and I told myself I wasn't going to move there in April unless I knew how to play. And not suck :) I have found a new favorite card game! I can't wait to play again.
6. Running in the snow. I have boycotted all cold weather running in the past because it makes my lungs ache. But I went out Wednesday morning and realized- when it is snowing- there is water in the air. Water= no lung ache. Makes me even MORE excited to move to Tennessee where there is water in the air ALL the time!
7. Black Licorice. Everyone else hates it- and Adam can't stand how my breath smells when I eat it- but man I LOVE IT
8. Having something to write on. I write a lot of stories, and where I think they are all great, I get tired of one. I need to hop around from story to story like I need to with books or with workouts. Its been a long time since I have had something new and it feels good.
9. Dancing when no one is watching. We all do it. Admit it. After a good run I like nothing more than to put my hopping playlist on some speakers in the bathroom and dance so hard in the shower I think my limbs are going to fall off :) If you haven't done it lately do it tomorrow. It is SO rewarding.
10. Valentines Day is coming up. I know most people think it is a crack pot holiday but I am here to admit- I like it. I even did when I was single. (Though it wasn't quite as fun then.) Sure its about giving and getting chocolate and cards- but how good do you feel when you get a card? That's right. And giving one to someone else makes them feel the same way. Plus.... I love that all the stores are decorated in pink :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

At Home

I work out at home. I NEVER used to do this, but since leaving APX (BEST thing I ever did for myself by the way) I no longer had a gym pass so I HAD to work out from home. It is more convenient, but the problem with working out from home is that you loose some work out options. (Its a lot harder to take a class inside your living room.) And, when you are like me and are moving in three months so you cant buy exercise equipment because your husband does not want to lug it cross country- your hands become a little tied.

I get bored with work-outs. Easily. I never do the same thing two days in a row because for some reason- I need variety and entertainment. So far I have done pretty well. I run two or three days a week. Always on a different route so I see new things. And I have become a work out video junkie. As I have said before- I am obsessed with Billy Blanks Tae Bo so I do that every week. (I have two different videos of his) and once I week I do some sort of strength training, pilates or yoga. I have a video for each of those things.

But this past week I realized I was getting bored with my routine. Again. Craving a little variety. Lucky for me my Fitness magazine came in the mail this week (I some how won a free years subscription to it, and I WILL pay money to renew that when the time comes) and there was an AWESOME article about the "top do it yourself from home work-out videos" for all different genres.

BINGO!! So- I decided if you are like me and have to work out from home that I might share the love and share the titles of these wonderful movies with you. I bought three of them this morning- all from Amazon under 10 dollars, and I will be sure to write about how great they are when they come in the mail in a week.

PS- these are not really pregnant mom work-outs. BUT- I did get a hint from the same article that if you are pregnant or just had a baby, Parents magazine's last magazine had an entire section on menus and work-outs to loose the baby fat and keep it off while you are growing, and still get the nutrients you need. I have not checked it out yet but it sounds AWESOME.

Now for the video titles! (I am using the descriptive titles the magazine used here so no laughing)

Best Boredom Busting Routine
Shive Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga
includes seven 20 minute workouts, and all you have to have is a mat

Best Dancefest
(You better BELIEVE that I bought this one)
So You think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk
made by the previous stars and runner ups to the show, there are 14 30 minute routines, and before each the instructors show you ALL the moves so you don't get lost!

Best Boot Camp
Weight Loss Cardio Kick
(Also bought this one- LOVE LOVE my kickboxing!)
2 20 minute workouts, a mix of kickboxing, aerobics, and martial arts. All you need are some light dumbbells

Best Belly Blaster
Exhale Core Fusion Pure Abs and Arms
5 10 minute sessions for arms and abs. The video comes with a resistance band, but you will also need a mat and come light dumbbells
(do you guys actually use mats when working out at home? I just use the carpet... even for yoga)

Best Butt and Thighs
Physique 57 Express 30 Minute Full Body Work Out
Tones all over, but mostly concentrates on the lower half. 30 minutes long, you need a mat, towel, chair, and possibly a playground ball

Best Calorie Burning Session
(This is the other one I bought- 500 calories every 30 minutes!)
Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped 1000
2 30 minute sessions, suppose to kick your butt better than any other video out there. All you need is a mat and some dumbbells

Best Pilates Workout
10 Minute Solution: Quick Sculpt Pilates
5 10 minute session that you can combine into one 50 minute session. The tape comes with a toning ball and you will need a mat
(I have some 10 Minute Solutions videos for Beginners Yoga and and Latin Dancing, and they are both very good)

Best Time Saving Routine
Personal Training With Jackie: Power Circuit Training
One 40 minute total body workout and four 15 minute circuits, each that targets trouble zones. Need a mat and dumbbells

Best Allover Toning
Gilad Total Body Sculpt Plus: Peak Performance
2 45 minute workout focused on either arms or legs or on shoulders, butts and thights. Need a mat dumbbells and a resistance band

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Science of Religion

Our Sunday School lesson on Sunday was on the creation. And I was SO glad that the teacher talked about one aspect of the creation that always speaks to me. That one aspect is one of the reasons I KNOW the gospel is true.

It reminds me of the book Angels and Demons. Maybe the movie, but I haven't seen it yet. I LOVE Dan Brown, but I love Angels the best of all his novels because I think it rings with such a universal issue. Science and Religion. The two un-mixable faiths playing in our world. In the end of the novel (SPOILER ALERT) the priest finds a way, his own way to follow faith, and embrace science. I think this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things any man or woman of faith can do.

And its why I love the church. Because as Latter Day Saints we don't believe that God took clay and made man. Because we KNOW and we believe that everything that happened during the creation, and everything that happens now, every miracle, has a physical and practical explanation. We just don't know what it is. And for me, the greatest part of going to the celestial kingdom some day will be going, "So THAT'S how the waters of the red sea parted! If I had only known that about physics/ weather/ math!"

It's one of the hardest and yet most rewarding things about Adam. He is a man of practical ideas and physical explanations; everything has a scientific computational answer. Its hard because I am NOT like that. Hence why I love English and he hates it. With English there is never a right answer. With enough evidence and insight you can prove a villain to be a hero and vise versa. The simple way a word is spelled or used can change the meaning of paragraphs.

But I love Adams logicalness because not only does it save time and money, it restores my faith that there is an answer to everything. It makes me feel good that someday when I have the chance to make my own world, there is going to be a man right next to me that can teach me how. Just like he shows me how to use my computer, the best way to drive a car to save on gas, and how some ridiculous myths revolving around children and birth are simply not true.

Sometimes I wonder if faith isn't really believing in what we don't know, but just having the patience until we can find out the answer. I think that's how it is for me at least. I have faith that things are true and happen for a reason, because I have faith that someday my eyes will be opened and it will all make sense. Practically, logically, scientifically.

I kind of imagine a Matrix moment- in the end when the Matrix becomes gold to Neo and sees things AS the matrix, and that allows him to manipulate it. Maybe I will see the world as an equation. Or maybe I will see it in Shakespeare because that is complicated enough to express the truth, but something that I can understand.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The V-Day Challenge

I have fallen off the Band Wagon. Sort of.

My goal during the Christmas/ New Year season was simply not to gain weight. I did GREAT! But since then I have had a hard time getting BACK into the groove of loosing weight, not just maintaining. I have SIX more pounds to loose until I reach my goal weight- which is NOTHING when I think of how far I have come. (44 pounds down.)

So, my best friend Becky told me about a goal she had to get down to a certain weight by Valentines Day. It inspired me, and we made a Valentines Day challenge. We both have our own personal goals of what we want to do, maintaining a healthy weight loss amount throughout the weeks, and we are giving ourselves rewards if we make it. Making it a challenge between the two of us keeps us responsible to one another. We have to report back.

I am writing this post with the idea that it will make me accountable :) . So, the goal for me: loose 6 pounds. Which would put me at 140- goal weight- by Valentines Day.

My reward: Adam and I are going to use a gift card- a Christmas gift from Adam's sister- to have a GREAT dinner at Olive Garden, and then I get to buy something expensive and fun. A- I want piece of clothing, not an I need.

I have taped the gift card to the fridge as a reminder. A picture of the outfit I have already picked out to the bathroom mirror, and I am planning on making paper hearts which serve a dual purpose- fun decorations AND a reminder of the "V-Day challenge" to keep me going.

I have written out a menu for the week, and planned out time for exercise every day. I am making no excuses. I will succeed!

The challenge starts tomorrow so wish me luck!

(PS- This is the first post where I when I clicked on spell check there was nothing to correct. Go me!)

Friday, January 15, 2010

First Kiss

January 15th 2005, 8:30 pm

I am sitting on the couch in Ryan and Shannon's living room. A small townhouse in Provo. I came over at six with Adam and we babysat for a while. Made Macaroni and Cheese. Put Adams two little nieces to bed after reading MANY books and singing songs. We are now watching Dumb and Dumber.

And arguing. Adam has now been my best friend for three months. He tells me everything, and vice versa. Ever since we have come back from Christmas break, he had refused to talk to me about the girls he likes, and why. I am using this chance to really dig into him about not just the girls he liked before break, but why he won't talk to me about them now.

Adam finally gets irritated. Mostly because I am not paying enough attention to his favorite movie. He puts Dumb and Dumber on pause. I look at the VCR which is how I now remember the time. I turn to him actually excited about his irritation because this means, I get what I want. He is going to talk to me.

I was wrong. Adam turns to me, sighs and says, still irritated, (this is in paraphrase of course) "You know why I haven't been talking to you about those girls?"

Before I can even respond he leans across the couch, and kisses me. My first kiss ever. I didn't even realize what was going on until he was already pulling away. I didn't get more than a half kiss in back. My eyes are as wide as saucers as Adam sighs and says, "THAT's why."

Then without saying anything else to me he turns back around and turns the TV back on.

January 15th 2010 8:45 pm

I am sitting on the couch in me and Adams house. A basement apartment in Provo. We are watching House. I made hamburgers for dinner. Adam is laughing at me now as I retell him this story. He thinks its funny I even remember. But I was 18, it was my first kiss ever. And... I am one of those nostalgic, romantic type people.

Fifteen million kisses and five years later, I think I might enjoy Adams kisses even more now than I did back then. Partly because now I always get the chance to kiss him back. Even when he still surprises me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Pictures

While we were in Oregon for Christmas, since it was one of the first and times my entire family was all together since... well before Adam and I got married, we took some family pictures. My best friend Becky did them, and right after wards she did mine and Adams second year pictures. So here is a selection of just some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Both Adam and I are incredibly paranoid people. Feel bad for our kids. Adam's excuse- he lived in Albania. His paranoia got so bad that two or three times a week he would wake-up in the middle of the night because the creaks in our old house- floor boards above, the fridge, the heater- made him think people were walking through the house. He has to sleep with ear plugs now.

I have an overactive imagination. Very helpful when writing a book. Not so helpful when I wake- up in the middle of the night having to use the bathroom and I am afraid to walk through a dark living room on my own. Don't worry- I always get the guts to do so. I am rational sometimes. But I am the type that if Adam is an hour late I start thinking that he got in a car accident etc. And I don't just worry. I imagine the policeman coming to the door, my devastation, the funeral, what I would have to do afterwards to get along on my own....

Overactive. I told you.

Which leads me to this morning. 6:15 am, my alarm goes off. I am already partly awake because I have to pee. So, instead of walking around the bed- the quicker way to the bathroom- I don't want to take Adam up who was up late studying so I go through the living room.

After the bathroom I walk into the kitchen and open cupboards, the fridge, and try to decide what to eat. I'm not hungry yet. So I decide to take cereal to work with me and eat there. I do this a lot. I start to measure cereal out into a plastic baggie and I look up.

The front door is right across the living room from me. We have a very open floor plan. Our front door has a window of tempered glass in it. Very pretty actually. I love it. Normally at 6:20 in the morning the window is pitch black. But this morning I see there is a funny color there. Kind of tan.

Right. I remind myself of my overactive imagination. "It's a wreath Sarah."

One second later. "Wait, there is no wreath. I took all the decorations down."

By this time I have already put the cereal box back in the cupboard so out of curiosity (and because I have to get back to the bedroom to get dressed) I get closer. I think its a flyer or something from the ward. When I get to the couch I stop. What I am telling myself not to be paranoid about, is what is actually there.

A mans face pressed against the glass staring at me walking around the house in my underwear.

When he realizes I realize that he is real he bolts. I can hear his feet running up the stairs from our basement apartment.

We didn't call the police. The man was already long gone. But we told our neighbors and called our landlords. Adam drove me to work (kiss the ease of walking to work goodbye) and then sat with me inside the store for a while until I was okay. He even checked the whole store to make sure there was no one there. Poor man was so tired but he was so wonderful and so brave.

I guess it's kind of like they say. You know, the doctors kids always get sick, the cobblers kids never have shoes? The paranoid have a good reason for being so.

We are fine... this post isn't to freak YOU out. Its to dictate our thrilling and scary experience. Just... remember to close your blinds and lock your doors okay?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Do's and Don't of Being Sick

DO- get sick during a holiday when you don't have to go anywhere or do anything
DO NOT- get sick the first week of school, and before a work week you can't back out of

DO- get sick when you are married. Watching your spouse take care of you will make you seriously feel better
DO NOT- allow both spouses to get sick together. Then you are just miserable because no one can take of you or themselves

DO- Drink LOTS of Theraflu
DO NOT- buy Tylenol Head Congestion thinking it will DE-congest you. It does the opposite

DO- eat healthy foods you normally wouldn't. You cant taste it right?
DO NOT- eat leftovers without your spouse/ room-mate smelling it first. You cant smell- how do you know if its okay?

DO- watch lots and lots of House. Your not getting your spleen removed so you are MUCH better off than all of his patients
DO NOT- watch the episode of House where the girl with a little couch turns out to have terminal metastatic lung cancer. It will make you VERY paranoid

DO- Sleep with a humidifier. (Ours is a green frog we named Paco) Especially use this tip if you live in Utah
DO NOT- sleep fully lying down. That is where you sore throat is coming from. Keep your head elevated and it will all drain down

DO- read your husbands chemistry book, or read Shakespeare out loud. You will sound HILARIOUS.
DO NOT- try this in class. A passionate teacher may not see how that is as funny as you do.

From the Sick Twins in Provo- hope your week has been healthier than ours! (Though the rest of the week outside of couching has been dynamite.)
Sarah and Adam