Sunday, December 6, 2009

Top Ten for the Week

1. Cherry, Cherry Christmas. It is a new Neil Diamond song and once I figure out how to do the music thing on my blog I am going to make you ALL listen to it. You have to know really EVERY Neil Diamond song like I do to fully get how clever this song is.... but it makes me SO happy.
2. Bread machines! You ever have those weeks when the bills are due and the paycheck comes at an off time so once you GET the paycheck you are good to go, but until then you are digging into food storage cans? That has been our week and after church both Adam and I wanted bread which we are out of so Adam suggested... we make it! Brilliant my husband, brilliant. I made whole wheat bread- SO SO yummy.
3. Reunions! We had a DT reunion last night and I cant tell you how much fun we had! There are a lot of stories that I am going to blog about later that are associated with that, but I want to give them their own just due.
4. that Adam will never grow-up. We were doing white elephant last night and when it was our turn Adam, unlike everyone else who was unwrapping to save bags and bows, TEARS into his package and someone said, "Now HE knows how to enjoy Christmas." What did we win? Gum and a Tigger snap bracelet that Adam not only loves and has been playing with all day and is actually wearing right now, but says "bounce now think later" Adams new motto for life.
5. Christmas site. I know I blogged about it earlier but I have been on it all week reading about other peoples traditions and reading talks... I laugh, I cry, I feel the spirit... go to it and LOVE it my friends.
6. Nail polish. weird, but I polished my nails this week for the first time since... what my wedding? But it made me feel so sophisticated and a little glamorous. I did them in dark red.
7. On line printable coupons. Thank you Smiths!
8. vacuum cleaners that DON'T get clogged by hair. I loose- what? Half my head every time I BRUSH through my hair? Gross but so true, and my hair never seems to get thinner.... still. Its nice not to have to worry about my vacuum cleaner when I am vacuuming. Makes life easier to manage.
9. Knee high boots. Getting to church was much less of a hassle because I didn't worry about my feet or calf's in the snow (which I HATE by the way. Hate hate!) thanks to my black knee highs. Plus, paired with a black skirt and a cute button down-- please- So posh.
10. How Christmas smells. Pine, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, fresh crisp air, cloves and oranges, baked goods, savory soups and meats. Christmas smells better than fresh laundry which is something I could smell ALL day.

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