Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pictures from the DT Reunion

I have been very bad about posting pictures the past little while so here are the ones from the DT reunion that I never put up.
This is Lisa Evans... well she used to be Lisa Evans... and her adorable husband

This is Mikelle and her fiancee

Some of my most favorite boys in the kitchen- from left to right is Brant, Matt, Silas and his son, and Big Nick

My favorite family in the whole world outside my own. Silas, his wife heather and their wonderful son

Matt McCready and Adam chilling in the kitchen

Janalyn and her wonderful ready to pop baby bump, talking to Big Nick's wife

Jeff Stogsdill and his fiancee

Adam ripping open packages as we did the white elephant exchange

The whole group doing the whole white elephant exchange

The boys getting very confused over one of the gifts. Leaf soap...

Matt McCready won abs of steel. It was perfect.

The entire group!

Adam and his old room-mate David Wilkins. We love this guy.

I was holding Silas's baby when Silas bent down and the baby started to suck on his nose.

Yay for reunions!

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