Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Two Person Thanksgiving

8:30- Sarah wakes-up after a text from Adam's mom wishing her happy thanksgiving and puts the parade on live stream while she makes homemade apple turnovers (thank you weight watchers!) I made it just on time to see Santa

9:00- Sarah and Adam eat and watch friends, then they shower and get dressed in clean clothes. (How great does that feel I ask you?) Then they talk to Sarah's family and all of their best friends. (Some just through text but it was still great)

12:00- Sarah decorates and cleans a little while making munchies for her and Adam. Stuffed mushrooms and cranberry sauce (made with dried apricots SOO YUMMY) that they put on bread. Then she and Adam eat and sit on the couch and chit chat2:00- Sarah makes thanksgiving dinner (all thanks to weight watchers) while Adam plays a games and talks to her. She listens to Christmas music the whole time- Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond and LOVED IT

4:00- Turkey time! SO yummy. Turkey (just the breast) with yams, mashed potato (the Moeck way which means potato pearls), corn (no green beans for us!), stuffing (whole wheat), and whole wheat buttermilk biscuits. TWO kinds of gravy that's how awesome I am
5:00- then we watched Dejavu and LOVED it. LOVE Denzel Washington.

7:00- Ate pumpkin pie. All of it was so yummy and the whole day we did nothing but watch TV, play games, talk to each other and listen to Christmas music. It was the BEST way to spend Thanksgiving.

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