Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ice Skating Christmas Eve

Adam and I went to Oregon for Christmas this year and somehow, on Christmas eve I was able to convince my siblings that we needed to go Ice Skating at the Lloyd Center Mall. It actually didn't take much convincing at all. They were super excited to go.My little brother Alex was one of the best skaters actually. I was really impressed with him!
The kids friend Chummy came with us. He was the best out of all, we were glad to have him there.

My outfit? My sisters. The pants are mine but I wore all the rest of her stuff. It was the best feeling in the world being able to raid her closet and have it all fit. Without even having to try too much.
My best friend Becky's sisters Nataly and Amber came along for a while as well. This is a picture of the whole crew.

Chummy had this way of slingshotting a person across the ice- scared me more than half to death. I was screaming- I think the whole mall heard me!

Chummy ALSO had a way of speeding down the ice and them ramming into you. Also incredibly scary.

Rebekah made Chum re-tie her skates. Shows what kind of friend she is that he would ask, and what kind he is that he would actually do it.

Rebekah refused to give me a good picture. I was so mad at her!

This is us resting afterwards in one of the chairs outside the elevator in the mall. Made me feel good that I wasn't so fat that I would squish my sisters now by sitting on them.

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