Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Spiritual

I do not often share spiritual things on my blog. This may be a first. I have a hard time sharing spiritual things anyways unless I know you pretty well or it is a particularly spiritual moment. But this was something I could not pass up.

Recently Adam and I started going to the student ward instead of the family. I love it. The relief society sends out a huge email each week with reminders and just fun notes, quotes, ideas etc. It is actually FUN to read. Today they sent us this link about making your Christmas more centered around Christ.

I was exploring the page when I found this article. It is an ensign article from 1998 by now President Monson titled "What is Christmas?" I love Monson because he makes you cry and laugh in the exact same paragraph. I love his rhetoric.

I love Christmas. It has always been my favorite time of year. It is when everyone comes home/ goes home. It smells amazing, it lights up every edge of a street, or a room. I love the decorating, the cooking, the shopping. I love being with my family. Being teased and tortured by my older brother, being cuddled by my little sisters and being taken care of by my little brother.

My sisters and I used to "preform" the first Christmas story every year. Rebekah would play Joseph, Carolyn would play Mary, and I would do all the odd parts, including the donkey. (My bald cabbage patch doll got the starring role of Christ). We would force the rest of the family to sit and watch us perform. I would actually write out a script every year using scriptures to complete what I couldn't. That was how the Ray family read the Christmas story.

Am I allowed to bare my testimony blog style? I am allowed to write to an internet public face how much I love this gospel? How everything I have ever treasured in my life has come from knowing the fullness of the truth of Christ? My family, my friends, the coveted feeling inside my home. That warm place in the middle of my chest that never grows cold and sometimes fires up with white heat when I read something or see something truly beautiful.

I am grateful for Christmas and the Christmas spirit because I think even the physical lights on my Christmas tree remind me of the millions of lights I have in my life. There is something about this time of year that sends all the wonderful blessings I have into sharp affect and I can see them for what they really are.

My fingers are tingling over top of my computer keys because I don't know how to say what I feel. The true human challenge right?

The best thing though- is that I think you all understand. I don't think there is a spirit in the world that can ignore the feeling of Christ in this time of year. It's in candle light, your mothers hug, your spouses smile, the plate of cookies on the door step, you favorite Santa Claus ornament, the music, the taste of rich chocolate, even the cold air when you walk outside. Every moment of every day is the mass of Christ.

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  1. I really like David O. McKay's quote about how the Christmas Spirit is Christ's Spirit. Thank you for posting this. When I got on my computer this morning, my plan was to go to to find articles/ideas for a more worshipful Christmas. I guess we both had the same impression. Merry Christmas!