Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Becky in Town!

My best friend Becky came into town for a weekend right before Christmas. Her husband Trent's best friend from the mission was getting married so they came and stayed with us. We had so much time!!

Becky came into town on Wednesday and after I went to work that afternoon we went out to Cafe Rio and dyed my hair blond. It was pretty fun because another one of our friends Troy Trainer who we went out to dinner with that night got engaged right after!

Thursday morning I worked, and that night Becky and Trent had to go to a rehearsal dinner for Shawn (the mission friend) but Becky and I were able to spend the entire afternoon with just the two of us talking and watching friends.

Friday Becky and Trent were gone all day at the wedding, I worked and Adam finished his finals. Adam and I hung out with some of his friends and had a good time.

Saturday morning we spent the whole day eating, making treats. Becky and I went jogging to the store then we went out to lunch with lots of our Gresham friends- Becky and Trent, Me and Adam, Troy and his Fiancee, Mandy and Mike, and Bruce and his girlfriend. Adam and I went to a wedding that night for his mission buddy and Becky and Trent went to temple square with Mandy and Mike.

Then left Sunday night- they went to church with family and friends and then we spent the afternoon napping and talking. It was such a good time! I felt like I was back in high school again, getting to spend all my time with her.

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