Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two Years

I am big on anniversaries. All of them. I have a thing for remembering dates. Such as my first kiss ever... January 15th 2005, 8:30 pm, in my now sister in laws living room while babysitting. (Yes it was with Adam.) Or Adam and I first decided we were best friends October 23rd 2004 when we went on a huge group date and left our dates to hang out together. Classic.

Anyways- tomorrow marks the second wedding anniversary for Adam and I. (It feels like it has been two months and 15 years all at the same time) but instead of writing a sappy corny blog like my inside heart wants to a little :) I am going to write about how my life has changed in the past 2 years. Because it is funny. And if you want a corny blog don't worry- I will probably get in the mood tomorrow and write one anyways.

1. My life is more intelligent. You know how some people you can look at them and say- jerk, jock etc? Yeah. Look at Adam- you say smart. Not just book smart though- Adam is just very naturally good at learning, and has a lot of common sense. Adam makes being smart cooler than it was to wear Tommy Hilfiger when we were in middle school and I LOVE that about him.
I think of myself as intelligent in some areas, and the greatest thing about being married to Adam is that the nerdy smart side of me becomes VERY prominent. For example: a Friday night. For some reason we were both reading- I, Les Miserables, and Adam the new Ender book by Orson Scott Card. One chapter in and Adam is FED UP with the way Card is using italics and we have- not exaggerating here- about an hour long discussion over the prescriptive versus descriptive use of italics and similar grammar, and whether Card could be considered real literature.
The best part is, is that this is NOT uncommon for us. This happens a lot. The other morning we woke up and somehow spent all the time before work discussing macro evolution and whether it is ethical to use animals for scientific research.
Like I said- since being with Adam life is A LOT smarter.

2. Life is more comical. Adam and I get along because we share very similar senses of humor. The witty- and the clever slapstick. (Watch Scrubs- you will understand.) I find myself not only watching but LOVING Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura etc. (On our honeymoon our hotel did free movie rentals and over the weekend we watched: Moulin Rouge, Liar Liar, Ace Ventura and The Spy Who Shagged me.) We live through comedy. And I love that as well.

3. I have regressed in maturity. Whoever thinks you have to grow up to get married is VERY VERY wrong. Adam and I together are like five year old twins who got in the cookie jar. Adam is always pulling funny faces, making funny noises and playing dumb games with me. Like the ones you do with kids when you "Steal their nose?" I LOVE this game and we play it all the time. He also likes to push me out of bed when I don't want to get up, turn the lights out on me while I am in the shower, and turn the water off when I am brushing my teeth. For some reason, this is endlessly enjoyable to the both of us.
Plus- we watch a lot of cartoons. I have now seen every old x-men cartoon, and most of the Dragon Ball Z ones. I LOVE THEM. And I mean that.

4. I have lots of nice things. For two reasons. One- Adam is OCD about keeping his nice things VERY nice. This, is a good thing. He is very careful with everything he owns from his shoes to our TV. Things last longer and always seem to look good.
The second reason- Adam is a very convincing person. He will be an amazing doctor some day because he will NEVER stand for having out of date equipment. The moment something new comes out- he will own it.
He is that way now. We have a myriad of electronic equipment that we update as needed that I never even knew I wanted before marriage, and now find I can't live without. Adam always find the time and the money in our budget to make sure his things are the best they can be. Mixing thrifty and smarts to get just what he wants- that is my baby!

5. I don't buy as many clothes. For those of you who have shopped with me- blowing an entire paycheck in Banana Republic- NOT HARD for me to do. (Even with a 60% employee discount.) However- Adam is one of those types that believes that you wear clothes until they are rags eg: unwearable. Not joking- the man has shirts since high school. And since he takes care of his clothes as well as his electronic equipment... you get where I am going with this. That five dollar shirt will last five years. I think a huge reason for loosing weight is that we both agreed that once done I get a new wardrobe.

6. Sleeping has become a violent activity. Adam has very visual dreams. One night I woke-up to him clawing my face in his sleep because in his dream someone was yelling at him and he was trying to get them to stop. I have woken up to him slapping my leg as hard as he can to "save me from spiders". I have been elbowed, prodded, kicked, punched, and almost pushed off the bed in the course of our marriage. Of course, maybe I deserve this because we can't count how many nights I not only take up 3/4ths of the room on our king size bed, but I also steal all quilts and sometimes take pillows.

7. I cuddle more. Believe it or not it is true. I used to have a rule when I was single that I had to have 10 hugs a day just to survive life. I cuddled with my room-mates, hugged their boyfriends, spooned body pillows at night and used to hold hands with my best friend/ mother/ sisters in church. It's funny- I have asked Adam's guy friends if we ever have too much PDA and they said they don't think we are bad at all. I feel like I am all over Adam all the time. If I am not touching, hugging, or kissing him when I am with him- than it is time wasted. Even when we go to sleep- Adam likes to have his room, but I will slide my feet under the covers until they touch his because- well- we have to be touching right?

Adam wants me to end this blog by quoting that popular song he hates "My life would suck without (him)". But as much as he may hate the song- it is undeniably true. I lived two years of life without Adam, after having been with him, and no matter how many other boys I loved, room-mates that became friends for life, or places that I visited- being with Adam is better than all of that.

We used to play a game while Adam was on his mission when we were too busy to write each other, and we would just write a line- we called it the I Love You More game. For example, Adam once said "I love you more than running water." And once when I was in England I told him I loved him more than Magnum bars. (If you have not had one then you do not understand what you are giving up.)

Life DOES suck- sucks hard- without Adam. These past two years have been hard but man- when I wake up in the morning and roll over to see him smiling in his sleep (probably dreaming about being Wolverine and killing a bad guy) I can't imagine anything that would make me want to give up that one single moment of my day.

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  1. I think that Wolverine must be the ultimate super hero...he's Mackay's favorite as well. You write beautifully, Sarah. Not a sappy post at all, a real post about love that people can appreciate. :) Happy Anniversary!