Sunday, November 15, 2009

Top Ten... and a little more :)

Because it has been too long...

1. Friends and Family with GAP inc. Truly- if it weren't for the crappy hours retail gives you, this event alone makes me miss working for GAP. I bought a new pair of Long and Lean jeans (My favorite) and got 17 dollars off. Yes! Which also leads into #2....
2. The jeans were an 8. Boo-freaking-ya! Of course I'm not going to be done dieting until I am a size six (dream size for me) but it still feels like an accomplishment. Which leads into #3....
3. Only 14 pounds to go until I am my goal weight. Much less daunting than the original 50 that I had to loose.
4. It now takes two bottles of hair dye to change my hair color. This is a happy thing because it shows how long my hair has gotten.
5. Hoisin sauce. Who knew? Mix it with chicken broth and onions and pour it over turkey fillets, cook in the oven and serve with mashed potatoes (potato pearl style of course.) OH MY GOSH. It is amazing. And if you dont have Hoisin sauce- it is one of those things that you can actually mix on your own. So double awesome there.
6. Billy Blanks exercise videos. I was sore for two days after an hour and a haf work-out. I love him. In my video he hammer danced for cool down. NOTHING beats that.
7. The Runaway Bride soundtrack. How did I ever forget that it was so amazingly good? I am in love.... really.... Which leads into #8
8. Runaway Bride soundtrack gives me inspiration and under it I have gotten one of my novels to 200 pages. Typed. Of course I realize more than 50 pages of that will have to be cut.... but to write that much in one consecutive lot line feels like an achievement.
9. Katamari. Thank you to Marc for introducing me to it. It is a Playstation 2 game that they revamped into a Playstation 3 game called Katamari Forever... and Adam bought it for me for our anniversary. I LOVE IT. Youa re basically this ball that rolls up the world. When I was single and would have a bad day I would walk to apartment 27 and they would and me a popsicle and a controller and it fixed me in less than an hour.
10. Adam blogging :) Makes me happy! PS- the blog was going to be funny because Adam was laughing about how everyone tests you for TB- the most deadly virus in the world. Adam said- "if someone walks in for an exam you should be able to say- oh look, he doesn't have TB." At very late hours this was REALLY funny to me. But then he did research and found there are pleanty of good reasons to test for TB and so he didn't want to write about it. But Adam has a very wry and witty sence of humor, and an interesting look out on the medical field so I hope he writes more because I think you would like it.
11. Secondary med school apps are ALMOST done. This also feels like, and is, a HUGE accomplishment. This time next year we will be somewhere along the east coast....
12. I really did have a twelfth thing.... and it was something about Adam and it was something funny... but now I can't remember it... oh well. If I do- I will write it into the blog as a seperate post later.
13. Oh yes! Ha- I hadn't published this yet... we watched the Scrubs finale for the 2nd time today and both STILL cried. It is the BEST finale I have ever seen on any TV show ever. Yes it really is that amazing. Although, now we are both sad that Scrubs really is over. Why do things like that, and Friends (who had a DEPLORABLE finale) ever have to end?


  1. Hoisin sauce rocks! Search for the Asian Lettuce Wraps recipe on : it's the reason I discovered Hoisin sauce. They taste just like PF Changs!

  2. Oh my gosh!! McKay and I LOVE Scrubs. We have almost ALL of the Seasons on DVD. lol And I have to agree with you on the Season Finale. It definitely was a good one. McKay and I were talking after we watched it and both of us agreed it felt like we'd just lost some good friends. haha

  3. My husband LOVES scrubs, and friends too. He refuses to watch the last season of anything, much less the last episode because it is too sad!! I make fun of him but I think its very cute!