Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Low Places

Are you ever surprised in the places you find friends? For me there is always that one day after talking and hanging out when you realize you are actually intimately connected to the person you have just been casually chatting with. And it always strikes me as a little odd from where these people come from.

Like my best friend in middle school. We bonded in my Advanced Choir class because we said, in unison on like... the third day of class "I hate this teacher." Not joking- joined at that hip from that time on.

Or my first job- at the GAP outlet. There was a woman there, much older than me with kids who for some reason- we just could talk for hours. To this day if my mom goes into that store this woman asks her all about me and how I am doing.

Or even blogging like this. I have friends wives and friends of friends, room-mates of friends blogs who I read religiously, and I feel because I read their blogs that now if we went out to lunch, we would spend hours mulling over everything and nothing because they are my best friends.

At work even. My manager/ trainer called me today and said "I have to come to your store, and I am going to bring you a drink. What do you want?" In she walks 20 minutes later with cafe rio. Then she drove me home and we sat in the car for a half hour talking about our lives. I lover her.

Even my sisters. I LOATHED the both of them when I was younger because they are everything I have always to be and they do it better than me. But my sister and I were facebook IMing today for a half hour and she makes me laugh so hard I pee a little. (Very little).

Adams friends, friends siblings, other family members etc. Makes me wonder sometimes if the people who sit across the street from my place are going to be the people that someday my kids call aunt and uncle...

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  1. I read your blog faithfully <3 you are such a fantastic human being, and reading how you lose your weight is absolutely motivational, you are so balanced and happy, and its amazing to me! love you!