Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have a problem with hydration. Not with getting enough water- but the fact that I seem to need TOO much water.

I know liquid is good. In fact, if dieting has taught me anything it is how important drinking is. I have at minimum 32 ounces of water a day, usually closer to 64. Then add on my soda with dinner. (I don't care how many people say soda is bad- I need my coke with dinner.)

The weeks I don't loose weight the first thing I ask myself- not diet, not exercise- is, did I drink enough water? (Or juice... Kroger makes GREAT juice to put in your water that has no calories if you are like me and you cannot drink water unless you are physically in Portland Oregon or the UK.) Chances are- if I didn't loose weight I was lacking in the water category.

The problem I find is when I exercise. I do not glisten like cute girls. I SWEAT. Like a man. Wet t-shirt, hair, everything. It wasn't a problem at the gym when I could have my water bottle right next to me on the tread mill or the bike.

I realized this week while I have been forcing myself to run my 5k straight through... that I think I am getting dehydrated while I exercise. It blows my mind. People are running miles and miles without taking a drink and for some reason I can finish half a water bottle from start to finish of just my three miles.

So... I went out and bought a water bottle where I could just squirt the water in my mouth while I ran, that way I wouldn't have to stop. Works Like a Charm. I can run a 5k (16 laps around the track in the Smithfield House) in 31 minutes when I dont have to stop for something to drink.

Here is the question for any of you that know anything about health anything... is it good or bad to drink lots of liquid WHILE running?

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