Wednesday, November 11, 2009


If you know me- you know I can EAT. You know how some guys say they don't want to take out a girl whose not going to order anything? I was one of those girls. Unless its Cafe Rio and heaping, do NOT expect me to order just a salad. Not this woman. Pass the ribs please?

In the past, that is what I have hated the MOST about dieting. I think almost any girl can share in that sentiment- feeling hungry. I think that feeling is worse than feeling nauseous. And somehow, in my twisted mind, I had come to associate that feeling, with loosing weight and it came to the point that I HATED to diet. I hated to loose weight because I felt like I was depriving myself.

That has been the most amazing thing about loosing weight this time. I don't know if its because I am actually taking Weight Watchers seriously, or because I am trying to reverse all of my bad habits. But "filling foods" has been my mantra since May and it is actually working. I am filling up on less and less, and as my stomach gets smaller as I get thinner I start to realize that I don't need as much.

For example: my average breakfast right now is yogurt and a muffin and juice. I eat it after working-out in the morning. And as crazy as it sounds, if I eat it at 8-9, I really don't get hungry again till 11 or 12 when I have a sandwich. Before, I had to eat about two bowls of cereal worth to fill me up.

I think there is something in what they say as well about eating a lot of small stuff instead of a few big meals. For lunch. I actually pack a normal one- sandwich or wrap, baked chips, some type of fruit or veggie, and sometimes a little treat. But instead of eating it all at once- I find I cant get it all down. When I get hungry at 11 or 12- I chow the sandwich. When I get hungry again an hour or so later- then I have the fruit and so on. I eat like- every hour in the afternoons.

Drinking helps with this of course. Like I said before- I down close to 64 ounces a day. When it tastes good it fills me up. I have come to realize that times in the past when I thought I was hungry, I was really just thirsty. Or when I ate when I was bored- now I just suck on a water bottle. It has the same effect. Though if you don't like to pee I would NOT suggest this technique.

It's still hard when I go somewhere I REALLY love. Like Cafe Rio or Olive Garden. The food tastes SO AMAZING that I pay more attention to the taste of the food than to what I am feeling while I eat. (I don't want to NOT concentrate on the food by concentrating on myself.) I have to actually split my food when I get it so I don't over eat. I KNOW that if I do I will feel sick afterwards and it will be no fun. But it is so good....

From a girl who could eat her whole family in a sitting- it is amazing to me to feel full and satisfied after a sandwich at lunch, or a fiber packed muffin at breakfast. You know what though? It feels GREAT. It feels like new jeans, clean sheets on the bed, your favorite movie, a perfect run. Its like feeling you could do four or five Billy kick boxing videos in a row and NEVER get tired. Its like after Thanksgiving dinner. Its being full. And there might not be anything better than that unless it is love itself.

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