Thursday, November 26, 2009

Five Years

Five years ago I was a freshman at BYU living in the Deseret Towers Dorms. Since my family was in Oregon there was NO WAY I was going to be there for Thanksgiving- I didn't have a car or the money to fly out. But I had my options for the holiday- the cafeteria was going to be closed but the bishop was having dinner for everyone in the ward that had no place to go, and my best friend Jordan had invited me to eat dinner in Ogden with her family.

Adam and I, who were just newly best friends at the time, used to go out every night and talk all night long, and during one of these nights he asked me what I was doing for Thanksgiving. Since he was from Tennessee he wasn't going home either. I told him I was going to Jordan's to be with her family. He said he had a brother and sister in law in town and would I like to go eat with all of them?

I told him I didn't want to impose but he said that it wouldn't be an issue, and that his sister in law had a;ready said it was fine. They were excited to meet me. Adam spent the rest of the week talking about his family while I got incressingly nervous about meeting them. He loved them more than he loved Neuroscience, and I was worried about not making a good enough impression.

Thanksgiving eve we went over to his brother and sisters just to have fun, play games, etc. I can remember walking in and seeing Shannon sitting on the floor, legs crossed, wonderful pregnant belly in blue work-out sweats. Caia, the youngest then, climbed into my lap and sat with me all night. Everyone said was that odd because she was usually shy with new people. (Now if you meet her its impossilbe to get her to stop talking. She reminds me of me.)

That night Adam and I went out and talked all night again, and got to see it snow for the first time that year, my first snow in Utah ever. It was amazing.

Ryan picked us up the next morning, both Adam and I were exhausted, and we went to Ryan and Shannon's while Shannon made the best apple pie known to man (I still use the recipe) and Adam's sister Amy showed up. Then we went to Sandy and met Adams other sister Amber, her fiance Carson, and Carson's entire family where we had thanksgiving dinner.

During dinner everyone went around and said what they were most thankful for, though they couldn't say family. I said that I was grateful that they had allowed me to come though I knew none of them. Adam said, "Well, because she isn't family I'm allowed to say Sarah. I am most grateful for Sarah."

On the way home, after all the football games, Ryan drove Adam and I back to DT and we held hands in the back seat of the car over the empty pie pan, the first time ever.

So I guess this Thanksgiving I am most thankful for THAT Thanksgiving. Because I got to spend it with my best friend in the world ever, and because I got to realize what I meant to him. And I met some of the people that would become my best girlfriends- the best older sisters anyone could ask for. As well as older brothers who always make me feel like I have forever been part of the family, and nieces that I love.

And always, great great food. :)


  1. What a cute story! It seriously made my Thanksgiving, reading it!! As much as I hate being away from home during the holidays, it's really nice spending it with other family and doing their traditions

  2. all I have to say is.. awwww!!! You guys are so cute!