Saturday, November 28, 2009


I have become OBSESSED with Better Homes and Gardens. No joke. And NO- I am not fifty. I have an on-line subscription- totally free. There are great crafty gift ideas, great decorating ideas for all holidays... When I have down time at work I make phone calls and scan the website writing down and printing out ideas.Now- I am VERY against decorating for Christmas before Christmas. I don't listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving day. So... I decorated for Thanksgiving :) Which I usually don't do. The door swag is leaves glued onto ribbon. Then Adam and I wrote down on the leaves things that we are grateful for.
My favorite is the fall wreath- its leaves strung onto wire with cranberries in between. I used a hanger to thread it to make it easier. If I had cute brown ribbon or the time to go and get it, then I would have hung it with that. Still very cute though. When I am not taking a picture in the background you can see the mirror reflecting the wreath.
All the pumpkins on the shelves are actually my creation. Some left over orange fabric from curtains me and a room-mate NEVER made :) But they are good for halloween and all of fall. But the pomander balls are what are hanging in the right corner- BHG idea- and they smell AMAZING. Plus- they look so cute hanging there with ribbon and will be cute during Christmas too.
And of course... I had to add in a few "Winter" things... like colors or something. Which is not hard because our wall colors are lime green and burgundy. So I added "Winter" looks to the pictures on the wall....And then when I got bored I made a paper chain and draped it over the bookshelf using vintage Christmas colors :) The glass tapers are full of apples and pomegranates. That idea, I have to admit though, comes from my best friend Jairus who doesn't make an arrangment without adding fruit or vegetables. Not even joking- he made my wedding boquet and there were purple artichokes in it. AWESOME.
The cups were a BHG idea- you fill them with- well I used cranberries but you can use kumquats, nuts anything, and make them candle votives. The wreath I am going to use as a gift topper and is made from just a foam ring wrapped in ribbon. Then you make the extra ribbon into bows and glue them on.For the kitchen window just to add a little- though I am sorry the picture is so dark- I just put a cute boquet of fake flowers in a yellow vase- all the colors matching in.
There were great table decorating ideas on-line as well. Adam and I dont have a dining room so we always eat in the living room so I decorated the coffee table for thanskgiving. I would NEVER have thought of using oranges in a cenertpiece but the celemtines made a wonderful addition- and a treat for if you are hungry :) The table runner is actually just cloth napkins taped together.So I am very grateful for Better Homes and Gardens as well as other things this year :) Just WAIT until I decorate for Christmas. I am starting today and so very excited that it is taking up all of my free time. :)

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