Thursday, October 1, 2009

Work and Life and all the Inbetweens

So when your supervisor says- Don't worry, I will fire lots of people before I fire you...

Don't believe it. Not at all.

But, I am not posting because I want to talk about how MUCH I hate APX at the moment. (Great company to have a system from, sucky company to actually work for.) I just want to update you on our life. And I want to say if you hear of a job please oh please inform me. Med school aps are NOT cheap.

1. MCAT results came in. Adam applyed to a school in New York, one in Tennessee, and two in South Carolina. Now we start waiting game number 2 to see where we can send secondary apps too.

2. Sarah got laid off. BUT, now she can find a job that she actually likes. Meanwhile she and Adam are going to find out what being on unemployment is like.

3. Adam got a 98% on a Neuro test today. He sat in the testing center and watched the screen that shows your grades refresh over and over telling him he was awesome and fantastic.

4. Adam's Mission reunion is on Friday. We get to see Adam's mission president whom we BOTH love. The boys.... they are at the bouse all time anyways so there is nothing new in seeing them.

5. Sarah can now sing Silent Night in Albanian and pronounce almost every word right if she is reading it.

6. It rained this week and Sarah got to wear her AMAZING rain boots (bought for her by her wonderful 12 year old brother) which always makes her very happy.

That is life in six points or left :) We are actually doing very well- Adam is stressed about school, I am stressed about work, we are both nervous about where we will be next year, but somehow we find time for warm showers, cuddlying, Friends and bowls of ice cream. The true things that make life worth living right?


  1. Dang-it is no fun to be laid off. Sheesh. I hope that you find something that you love SOON! And AMEN to the bowls of ice cream! I love raspberry chocolate chunk. Had some earlier today...might have a bit more right now. I love you Sarah!!

  2. what!! ohhhhhh APX... there is plenty I could say too. as it turns out I'm looking for a job right now too so if you find anything good let me know! and I wish I had rain boots. enjoy your cuddly time while you DON'T have to go to work. :o)