Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Sarah Does When She is Laid Off...

1. She decorates for fall!! (the books are not part of the decorations... I don't know HOW I always run out of shelf space...(PS- the fabric pumpkin- I MADE it! I have lots all over and should post a tutorial on how to do it because it is SO Much fun..)

2. She goes running around the mall early in the morning when it is so cold her ears want to fall off. (LOTS of snot here people... I actually MISS my treadmill at the gym)

3. She does ALL the laundry! (Including towels and sheets! Go me!)

4. She starts writing a THIRD book when her second one is not even finished. (But she LOVES the third one.)

5. She eats a REAL lunch

6. She puts on make-up and does her hair every day! (Part of this is because I am interviewing and picking up apps every day... but part of it is also because I have the time and Adam really likes it...)

7. She sews. A LOT.
These are doll sleeping bags I made for my nieces
Baby quilt for my friend who will PROBABLY see it on here before I get it to her. (Sorry Alison!)

8. She is so gun-ho about cleaning out the fridge and doing the dishes that she clogs the disposal and thusly the kitchen sink and actually now CAN'T do dishes until it gets fixed. Go... Sarah...

9. She bakes! This oatmeal banana bread and brownies for Adam. (I am so good that I promise, I really didn't have a single brownie. Go me!)
10. She finds a job! At a great Dry Cleaning place called Dry Cleaning and Beyond and it is perfect and she loves it and works all morning! Yay for Sarah!


  1. Congrats on the new job! And I love all the fun projects :)

  2. hahaha- ohhh you crack me up. I wish I had that kind of time! Lucky!! It's weird to realize how boring it must be to be home all day when you don't work and you don't have kids. I love the decorations!! Very cute! I Love Fall!!