Sunday, October 11, 2009

Top Ten Awesome things that have happened to us this week...

1. Sarah got a job! Working for a dry cleaners.
1a. This new job is ten minutes from her house so she walks!
1b. She gets lots of overtime.
1c. it is easy and low stress and SHE LOVES IT
2. the clogged kitchen sink and leaking bathroom shower both got fixed because they have AWESOME landlords
2a. when the landlord came to fix the plumbing she made Sarah and Adams bed... super sweet of her since they never do it themselves
3. they got a new couch... Ryan Millers brother was throwing it out and since Ryan spends a lot of time on our old crap couch, he volunteered to bring the new one in and now they have two mismatched couches in the living room. Awesome
4. Sarah and Adam discovered red box
5. They watched Dragon ball which Adam has defined as: "The best horrible movie ever" It was so corny just like the TV show and they LOVED IT
6. on the way to Albertsons to discover redbox, Sarah and Adam discovered the Rocky Mountain Diner Drive In which is...2 minutes away? And has the BEST strawberry shakes, now that the Morris center is out of commisson and there are no more Strawberry marshmellow shakes
7. Sarah discovered Pandora. For those of you who dont know it... type in and prepared to be amazed
8. Sarah had Cafe Rio and Adam had Quiznos. They do a body better than milk
9. Adam spent Sunday morning walking around the house with his pants tucked under his feet going, "Where are Adam's feetsies?" and then he pulled his pants up and said, "There they are! Put Adam found his feetsies. They were lost and now are found."
10. It was cold enough all week that Sarah got to wear a sweatshirt all day every day, hot showers started to feel good again


  1. First of all......LOVE PANDORA!! Second, we totally discovered Rocky MOuntain Diner drive last year when they had their 2 for 1 deals on MOn-Wed. Do they still have it? Thanks for the reminder, we need to go back there! and last YAY for a job!

  2. Sarah, redbox and pandora... come one. Do you live in a box? I have been enjoying both for years. Your life is forever changed!

  3. Regarding number 9, Jared and I both agree you guys need a kid. haha. and hooray for a job! Now if we could only get one... ;)

  4. ...can I have your life???

    great job, great landlord, new furniture, delicious food... everything I'm lusting after at the moment! p.s. I've been meaning to ask you where you guys live/have lived, now that we have a puppy we need somewhere doggy approved!

  5. We truly love Denver, but it does have one downside. There is no Cafe Rio. :( We only have Chipotle, and it does not compare at all!! First stop at Thanksgiving...