Sunday, October 4, 2009


What I love about conference weekend in Utah is that it is bigger than Christmas. EVERYONE comes!! And what is great about everyone coming is that you see a lot of people that you normally don't ever see. Its a time for reuniting.

For example, on Friday Adam had a mission reunion. These aren't as exciting for us as they are for other people because the boys that Adam would really want to see are over at our house ALL THE TIME as it is. (Which I love- I have boys again- yippee!) But, it is great to see the sister missionaries, and Adam's mission president who loves Adam so much it makes me want to cry.

What was great about this reunion is that there were some boys there who had JUST got out of the country, and low and behold they KNEW my friend Brooke who is currently serving in Albania. They told me she is the best sister out there. I felt like I had been reunited with her all over again just hearing about her!

Then on Saturday night Adam's old room-mate David (freshman DT room-mate) called us up and invited us out for ice cream after priesthood session. He met us at the cold stone and after we all hugged he looked at us and said, "So wow, you guys are like- married. That's cool."

David is a saint. He put up with me in his face CONSTANTLY freshman year seeing as Adam and I, when we weren't even dating, were inseparable. He was always super nice and super polite to my room-mate and I.

I had forgotten what good friends he and Adam were. They have the same incrediably intelligent way of thinking, the same sence of humor, and down to earth perspective on life. And they both tease me mercilessly. I had been wanting to ask David all night what was going on with him and girls (because that is always what I am intersted in) but I resrained until we had gotten our ice cream and sat down to eat. When I did ask David said:

"Wow, I am impressed that you waited this long to ask me about that. I was expecting that right away." Punk face kid.

When we were leaving after ice cream we were all talking about our beater cars and how we cant wait to afford a super nice one without going into debt. David said:

I am going to go spend 50 dollars on a brief case and then take it to the bank and say, "I need 30,000 dollars to fit in here perfectly, no matter what kind of denomination you have to do to get it in there. Just make it work." And then I am going to go to the car dealership and say, "Do you all accept large brief cases full of cash?"

Adam and I were laughing about that the ENTIRE way home. We love David Wilkins.

And we love old friends! The type who the moment you sit down with them it feels like a weekend has past since you saw them instead of the fours years it has really been.

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  1. Oh SarahRay (can I call you that, still? it IS one word, you know *wink & a smile*) - I love reading your blog! I can always 'hear' you as if we were back in our old dorm room again (so weird that it doesn't exist anymore). My heart just kind of felt a need to be a part of this post. :) Can we plan to accidentally bump into each other sometime? Love you bunches!