Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Noodle Dream

Those of you who have NOT seen Kung-fu Panda will not understand the joke of the title of this poat, but I am NOT going to explain it because if you have not seen it... you need too :)

I have HAD the noddle dream. Though not about noodles. Actually about running.

I worked this morning, and while I was processing some officer uniforms I was stepping back and forth a little ansy and thought "Why, why am I ansy?"

And I realized. Adam skipped class and slept in this morning, and we stayed in bed all morning and cuddled to avoid the HORRIBLE AWFUL snow outside and so I did not get a run.

That's when I realized- while I was work- I was ansy because I WANTED TO RUN.

Not just needed to- but WANTED to. I was DYING to put on shoes and hit that Smithfield house track and feel my leg muscles pump and carry me round and round for fifteen laps. (3 miles.)

I WANTED, actually wanted, not forced myself- to run.

I have had the noodle/ running dream.

Bout time because 10:30 next thrusday morning I will be outside the Marriot in Salt Lake freezing my tooshie off with loads of other people gearing to run for the hospitals!

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