Saturday, October 31, 2009


As I have said before- Adam dislikes Halloween. So I try not to torture him. Much :)

Friday our friends Alison and Jared threw their annual Halloween party. They through the BEST parties, and they live in a mortuary so what could be better for Halloween?

I made lots of yummy and healthy treats. (Who in the world knew that you could replace the oil in brownies with apple sauce, and not even taste the difference? The brownies turned out even BETTER because they were so gooey!)Alison and Jared and their daughter Madison dressed up as characters from Labyrinth. (Jared makes a VERY good David Bowie.)
And Adam and I... well... not too hard to guess. I had to do something Adam would love right? (For those of you who cannot guess... please! We are Trinity and Neo from the Matrix!) PS- I had to wash my hair THREE times to get the black out. WORTH IT!
And then tonight, on actual Halloween, we ordered a Papa Murphy's Jack-o-lantern pizza (who we named Scary Sam) and hid from trick-or-treaters while munching on Caramel corn and watching Bewitched. (There is a witch in it... that's Halloween-ie right?)
Here's to the best Halloween ever!

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