Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Fun!

Every year I make Adam carve pumpkins and do Halloween-ie things. Adam hates Halloween. And I quote: "Halloween sucks."But he is a WONDERFUL sport and always does them. So this year, pumpkin carving fell right when I lost ten pounds, which mean Adam had to do something fun with me that he normally would not do, so I milked it for all it was worth, while throwing him a bone.
I included carving pumpkins in my plan... but forced Adam to go to Cornbelly's with me and pick pumpkins out from the patch :)It was actually great. Adam's sister Amy came with us, and we walked around and saw everything. Perfect weather. We took lots of pictures by the pumpkin tree and sat in the huge rocking chair. (No idea what it had to do with pumpkin fest though...)
We picked out four perfect sized pumpkins, one for each of us and then an extra for Adam's buddy Miller, who came over later to carve with us.Amy helped me separate all the seeds and we baked them. My first time every doing so and I must say, whatever recipe Amy had was AMAZING because the seeds were WAY good.
And my cute husband, who HATES Halloween spent HOURS working on his pumpkin. I wish I had a better picture to show off his amazing work because I tell you what- it was so detailed and so cool looking. (For those of you who cant tell, this is Goku from Dragonball Z preforming his signature attack.)
Both him and I ended up with blisters from the carving but our gourd works of art were worth it! Yay for fall and halloween!


  1. sarah! I can definitely tell you've been working hard, you look AWESOME!! you deserved a little something extra! and your pumpkins are way cool too, I love the white/greenish ones (whatever they are). Good work!!

  2. I love it. I really like the white pumpkin. I'm totally jealous! I'm glad you had fun and that your hubby was a good sport!