Saturday, October 31, 2009


As I have said before- Adam dislikes Halloween. So I try not to torture him. Much :)

Friday our friends Alison and Jared threw their annual Halloween party. They through the BEST parties, and they live in a mortuary so what could be better for Halloween?

I made lots of yummy and healthy treats. (Who in the world knew that you could replace the oil in brownies with apple sauce, and not even taste the difference? The brownies turned out even BETTER because they were so gooey!)Alison and Jared and their daughter Madison dressed up as characters from Labyrinth. (Jared makes a VERY good David Bowie.)
And Adam and I... well... not too hard to guess. I had to do something Adam would love right? (For those of you who cannot guess... please! We are Trinity and Neo from the Matrix!) PS- I had to wash my hair THREE times to get the black out. WORTH IT!
And then tonight, on actual Halloween, we ordered a Papa Murphy's Jack-o-lantern pizza (who we named Scary Sam) and hid from trick-or-treaters while munching on Caramel corn and watching Bewitched. (There is a witch in it... that's Halloween-ie right?)
Here's to the best Halloween ever!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Noodle Dream

Those of you who have NOT seen Kung-fu Panda will not understand the joke of the title of this poat, but I am NOT going to explain it because if you have not seen it... you need too :)

I have HAD the noddle dream. Though not about noodles. Actually about running.

I worked this morning, and while I was processing some officer uniforms I was stepping back and forth a little ansy and thought "Why, why am I ansy?"

And I realized. Adam skipped class and slept in this morning, and we stayed in bed all morning and cuddled to avoid the HORRIBLE AWFUL snow outside and so I did not get a run.

That's when I realized- while I was work- I was ansy because I WANTED TO RUN.

Not just needed to- but WANTED to. I was DYING to put on shoes and hit that Smithfield house track and feel my leg muscles pump and carry me round and round for fifteen laps. (3 miles.)

I WANTED, actually wanted, not forced myself- to run.

I have had the noodle/ running dream.

Bout time because 10:30 next thrusday morning I will be outside the Marriot in Salt Lake freezing my tooshie off with loads of other people gearing to run for the hospitals!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Fun!

Every year I make Adam carve pumpkins and do Halloween-ie things. Adam hates Halloween. And I quote: "Halloween sucks."But he is a WONDERFUL sport and always does them. So this year, pumpkin carving fell right when I lost ten pounds, which mean Adam had to do something fun with me that he normally would not do, so I milked it for all it was worth, while throwing him a bone.
I included carving pumpkins in my plan... but forced Adam to go to Cornbelly's with me and pick pumpkins out from the patch :)It was actually great. Adam's sister Amy came with us, and we walked around and saw everything. Perfect weather. We took lots of pictures by the pumpkin tree and sat in the huge rocking chair. (No idea what it had to do with pumpkin fest though...)
We picked out four perfect sized pumpkins, one for each of us and then an extra for Adam's buddy Miller, who came over later to carve with us.Amy helped me separate all the seeds and we baked them. My first time every doing so and I must say, whatever recipe Amy had was AMAZING because the seeds were WAY good.
And my cute husband, who HATES Halloween spent HOURS working on his pumpkin. I wish I had a better picture to show off his amazing work because I tell you what- it was so detailed and so cool looking. (For those of you who cant tell, this is Goku from Dragonball Z preforming his signature attack.)
Both him and I ended up with blisters from the carving but our gourd works of art were worth it! Yay for fall and halloween!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weight Loss

My friends Alison and Jared came to visit me at work the other day with their daughter and we were discussing Biggest Loser. I was thinking while I was running this morning, about one thing Biggest Loser, Weight Watchers etc all have in common. They all tell you that you need a support group.

Unfortunately for me, this is the one thing I am WORST at. Talking about weight loss makes me more uncomfortable than most Mormons get when they have to talk about sex or read a swear word in a book. (Which is funny because I can do both of those with no problem.)

I talk to NO one about my weight loss, how it makes me feel etc. I have support- like when something great happens I tell Adam and he celebrates my triumphs with me. Every time I loose ten pounds we go out and do something sepcial of my choosing, no matter how much he dislikes it. He is also very good at putting his arms around me and telling me I am thin. But I don't talk to him about anything else.

I talk to my best friend about recipes and workouts and etc, but not much else. I might tell my mom or another close friend how much I have lost. I can tell Adam's buddy Daniel Clark about how far I have come with my work-outs, but that about does it. I dont discuss problems, over coming issues, etc.

So- I decided that I need to break that rule. Fortunately, most of the girls at least reading this blog, I know have been on a diet at least once or twice in their lives and so I feel I can write about it without fear of being TOO boring. And if I am blogging its like I am coming out with secrets but I am not telling anyone specifically which makes it easier.

So, here it goes :)

My biggest problem with weight loss that I have had to overcome, and therefore feel the desire to talk about, is weighing myself/ the scale. I used to be one of those girls that if I didn't loose 2 pounds a week I was devastated/ gave up/ went extreme. I would fast every Sunday, cut out sweets, ignore holidays and celebrations to get my two pounds a week.

I have had to battle that and I FINALLY, now that I have lost 30 pounds and am halfway to my goal, feel that I have overcome that. I have learned that sometimes, loosing weight slower is better when it means I can have an ice cream at night. When I can celebrate my birthday with cake, or my anniversary with Olive Garden. I have a sweet tooth and I LOVE food. I think that is as much part of my personality as writing and being super loud is. I have to accept it and find a way to work it into my life, without making it a detriment.

I have noticed that I actually pay more attention to my weight loss when I am only loosing a pound a week. Yes, it takes a lot longer but I start to realize the very small changes in how I look, my fitness, my energy level etc.

The biggest thing- is it has forced me to measure my success with more than just a scale. For instance, when I ran a 9 minute mile the other week without trouble I almost wanted to cry. That's what I ran in high school. When I realized that my size 10 jeans have to be dried in the dryer to fit just right otherwise they are too big. When I looked at my arms and realized that I DONT have 17 inch arms, BUT I have this beautiful line running right down the middle of my bicep. I have that now in calf and thigh as well.

Some weeks I dont loose at all. That is the HARDEST to deal with because- well, it feels like I have failed. Even if I did nothing wrong, and stayed right to my plan. When that happens I have to take a deep breath, avoid driving to Wendys, and force myself to work-out just a little bit more the following week. I have to pay attention to the inches lost off my legs and how much stronger I feel, even though the numbers on the scale are not moving. Muscle weighs more than fat right?

And, if I dont loose weight because I DID over indulge, I have to remember- it was my birthday, I deserved it. Or, it was a sucky week and you know what? That Big Mac meal really DID make me feel better. I didn't gain anything from it and sometimes- you just need fries. It's true. And then I can loose the following week feeling better for not forcing myself to NOT do something that I really REALLY wanted to.

I have had to change my mentailty from lossing weight, to not gaining. As corny as it sounds, the slower I loose weight the more it becomes a changing of life style, getting into the habit of living differently than just being thin. I think, hope and pray, that in the long run it will last me much longer.

I write all this becasue this is STILL a struggle for me. I think saying it out loud helps me to remember what I am trying to teach myself and hoping, knowing praying :) that it IS going to pay off that I will be thinner, fitter, healthier and you know? happier.

YES people. YES food may not be the answer but sometimes- it helps you get into the mood to find the answer. Food makes me happy. It does. I just have to control it that's all.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Top Ten Awesome things that have happened to us this week...

1. Sarah got a job! Working for a dry cleaners.
1a. This new job is ten minutes from her house so she walks!
1b. She gets lots of overtime.
1c. it is easy and low stress and SHE LOVES IT
2. the clogged kitchen sink and leaking bathroom shower both got fixed because they have AWESOME landlords
2a. when the landlord came to fix the plumbing she made Sarah and Adams bed... super sweet of her since they never do it themselves
3. they got a new couch... Ryan Millers brother was throwing it out and since Ryan spends a lot of time on our old crap couch, he volunteered to bring the new one in and now they have two mismatched couches in the living room. Awesome
4. Sarah and Adam discovered red box
5. They watched Dragon ball which Adam has defined as: "The best horrible movie ever" It was so corny just like the TV show and they LOVED IT
6. on the way to Albertsons to discover redbox, Sarah and Adam discovered the Rocky Mountain Diner Drive In which is...2 minutes away? And has the BEST strawberry shakes, now that the Morris center is out of commisson and there are no more Strawberry marshmellow shakes
7. Sarah discovered Pandora. For those of you who dont know it... type in and prepared to be amazed
8. Sarah had Cafe Rio and Adam had Quiznos. They do a body better than milk
9. Adam spent Sunday morning walking around the house with his pants tucked under his feet going, "Where are Adam's feetsies?" and then he pulled his pants up and said, "There they are! Put Adam found his feetsies. They were lost and now are found."
10. It was cold enough all week that Sarah got to wear a sweatshirt all day every day, hot showers started to feel good again

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Sarah Does When She is Laid Off...

1. She decorates for fall!! (the books are not part of the decorations... I don't know HOW I always run out of shelf space...(PS- the fabric pumpkin- I MADE it! I have lots all over and should post a tutorial on how to do it because it is SO Much fun..)

2. She goes running around the mall early in the morning when it is so cold her ears want to fall off. (LOTS of snot here people... I actually MISS my treadmill at the gym)

3. She does ALL the laundry! (Including towels and sheets! Go me!)

4. She starts writing a THIRD book when her second one is not even finished. (But she LOVES the third one.)

5. She eats a REAL lunch

6. She puts on make-up and does her hair every day! (Part of this is because I am interviewing and picking up apps every day... but part of it is also because I have the time and Adam really likes it...)

7. She sews. A LOT.
These are doll sleeping bags I made for my nieces
Baby quilt for my friend who will PROBABLY see it on here before I get it to her. (Sorry Alison!)

8. She is so gun-ho about cleaning out the fridge and doing the dishes that she clogs the disposal and thusly the kitchen sink and actually now CAN'T do dishes until it gets fixed. Go... Sarah...

9. She bakes! This oatmeal banana bread and brownies for Adam. (I am so good that I promise, I really didn't have a single brownie. Go me!)
10. She finds a job! At a great Dry Cleaning place called Dry Cleaning and Beyond and it is perfect and she loves it and works all morning! Yay for Sarah!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Biggest Pet Peeves EVER

There is one.

When someone CUTS YOU OFF

and then SLOWS DOWN.

I am coming home from an interview, going south in the highway, in the middle lane, going 70. Perfect 5 miles over.

This Jack-A behind me is RIDING me, then finally swerves into the far lane (which by the way NO ONE was in which is why I didn't move over to let him pass me) and then CUTS IN FRONT ON ME

What- 2 inches from my car?


I about had a conniption in my car.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


What I love about conference weekend in Utah is that it is bigger than Christmas. EVERYONE comes!! And what is great about everyone coming is that you see a lot of people that you normally don't ever see. Its a time for reuniting.

For example, on Friday Adam had a mission reunion. These aren't as exciting for us as they are for other people because the boys that Adam would really want to see are over at our house ALL THE TIME as it is. (Which I love- I have boys again- yippee!) But, it is great to see the sister missionaries, and Adam's mission president who loves Adam so much it makes me want to cry.

What was great about this reunion is that there were some boys there who had JUST got out of the country, and low and behold they KNEW my friend Brooke who is currently serving in Albania. They told me she is the best sister out there. I felt like I had been reunited with her all over again just hearing about her!

Then on Saturday night Adam's old room-mate David (freshman DT room-mate) called us up and invited us out for ice cream after priesthood session. He met us at the cold stone and after we all hugged he looked at us and said, "So wow, you guys are like- married. That's cool."

David is a saint. He put up with me in his face CONSTANTLY freshman year seeing as Adam and I, when we weren't even dating, were inseparable. He was always super nice and super polite to my room-mate and I.

I had forgotten what good friends he and Adam were. They have the same incrediably intelligent way of thinking, the same sence of humor, and down to earth perspective on life. And they both tease me mercilessly. I had been wanting to ask David all night what was going on with him and girls (because that is always what I am intersted in) but I resrained until we had gotten our ice cream and sat down to eat. When I did ask David said:

"Wow, I am impressed that you waited this long to ask me about that. I was expecting that right away." Punk face kid.

When we were leaving after ice cream we were all talking about our beater cars and how we cant wait to afford a super nice one without going into debt. David said:

I am going to go spend 50 dollars on a brief case and then take it to the bank and say, "I need 30,000 dollars to fit in here perfectly, no matter what kind of denomination you have to do to get it in there. Just make it work." And then I am going to go to the car dealership and say, "Do you all accept large brief cases full of cash?"

Adam and I were laughing about that the ENTIRE way home. We love David Wilkins.

And we love old friends! The type who the moment you sit down with them it feels like a weekend has past since you saw them instead of the fours years it has really been.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Work and Life and all the Inbetweens

So when your supervisor says- Don't worry, I will fire lots of people before I fire you...

Don't believe it. Not at all.

But, I am not posting because I want to talk about how MUCH I hate APX at the moment. (Great company to have a system from, sucky company to actually work for.) I just want to update you on our life. And I want to say if you hear of a job please oh please inform me. Med school aps are NOT cheap.

1. MCAT results came in. Adam applyed to a school in New York, one in Tennessee, and two in South Carolina. Now we start waiting game number 2 to see where we can send secondary apps too.

2. Sarah got laid off. BUT, now she can find a job that she actually likes. Meanwhile she and Adam are going to find out what being on unemployment is like.

3. Adam got a 98% on a Neuro test today. He sat in the testing center and watched the screen that shows your grades refresh over and over telling him he was awesome and fantastic.

4. Adam's Mission reunion is on Friday. We get to see Adam's mission president whom we BOTH love. The boys.... they are at the bouse all time anyways so there is nothing new in seeing them.

5. Sarah can now sing Silent Night in Albanian and pronounce almost every word right if she is reading it.

6. It rained this week and Sarah got to wear her AMAZING rain boots (bought for her by her wonderful 12 year old brother) which always makes her very happy.

That is life in six points or left :) We are actually doing very well- Adam is stressed about school, I am stressed about work, we are both nervous about where we will be next year, but somehow we find time for warm showers, cuddlying, Friends and bowls of ice cream. The true things that make life worth living right?