Sunday, September 20, 2009

Top Ten

It's been a while but this needs to be done if I do say so :)

1. Early morning shift at work. I always KNEW I loved it, but I didn't know how much until I lost it. Now that I am working 6am again its like all my dreams have come true.
2. The Shins. They are a band. Download them- you will NOT regret it.
3. The video game- Little Big World. As Adam would describe it- Charming. We have been having so much fun with it this weekend.
4. Forever 21- who knew it was so cheap and yet so cute? I felt like I was shopping in the UK again it made me so happy to be there.
5. The Time Travelers Wife. I haven't even finished yet but I am HOOKED. The woman is an amazing writer- I hope the movie does the book justice. (It wont- but I can dream can't I?)
6. Hot rollers. I forgot how easy they make doing hair. Pop them in, eat breakfast, get ready, roll them out and you look like you took hours getting ready!
7. Having to ask the lady in the dressing room to grab you a pant size smaller please. NOTHING compares with that feeling I can promise you.
8. Kashi, and Fiber One products. HELLO! Yum. I can't even tell you. Buy a box of the dark chocolate coconut Kashi granola bars, and the Fiber one Muffin Mixes and you will see what I mean.
9. That is rained. ALL DAY on Monday. It was like tears of joy for me.
10. Being Married. I know- cop out. Lets say being in a healthy relationship. I have SO MUCH fun with Adam. Married fun and normal fun :)


  1. I am so happy you're reading The Time Traveler's Wife. Incredible. My most favorite book of all time. And the movie did not do it justice, but it really wasn't as bad as I expected. Enjoy!!!

  2. You're not a cop out for saying #10... I would feel bad if that WASN'T on the top 10 list!! ha! cute blog! married fun?? [eye brows raising...;-)] I need to check out #4, have heard GREAT things about #5, #7 - I will shop at a store that has clothes that SAY I'm a smaller size, even though I'm not ;-), love #8, LOVE #9 - being far from you makes me forget we are kindred soggy spirits!! Love you!