Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old News

I was just realizing that there were a lot of things from the summer (summer is gone, school is here, where is the cooler weather?!) that I have yet to blog about, and I thought I would just make one long picture post so y'all can enjoy. (Because the best part of a blog is the pictures- we all admit it.)

I add this in only because it is funny. We moved in April! We used to live in a hole with crap neighbors and then we moved next door. We are much happier. This picture is from Adam was trying to remove a picture from a wall (I had double sided taped it) and was afraid of things going flying, so the only protective eye wear we had was my sun glasses. (I wont wear them if they don't cover half my face.) LOVE him in them, I must say.
Of sorts. A bunch of the girls from my freshman year got together midsummer because one of our own got home from a mission, and we thought it would be nice to catch up. It was. And I love all these girls with all my hearts, though I didn't make it to the reunion they had on Sunday. (Girl needs to go to bed early now guys.)
Fourth of July:
I had to get up at 6 for work, but I got home at 3. We had Adam's sister over, Ryan Miller, and his good friends Kellen and his wife. We went to the park and played Frisbee. Or everyone else did. I suck so much at it that I don't enjoy it so I read in the grass while they played.Then we came home and I made barbecue hamburgers, and a fourth of July cake. (My room-mate Lindsay and I started this and I have continued it.) We ate SO MUCH.And because Adam and Ryan have not been excited about fireworks since the mission to Albania, we went outside and played with sparklers for a while, and then just watched movies and played games all night. Fourth of July isn't my favorite of holidays without kids around, so this was a PERFECT time for me.
Jared Palooza:
Our married friends Jared and Alison plan the BEST PARTIES EVER. It was Jared's birthday so they played a rock concert party and we all had to dress like a rock star. Adam and I don't have many rock star outfits but he did his best to look like Chester (Linkin Park people) and I said I was Hillary Duff.And then we played rock band for forever! They went all out, and made back stage passes, the lights in the room were all colored, they had posters, and Jareds brother pretended to be a bouncer using Alisons straightner. It was the greatest time.

Now- world- can you be satisified? I have blogged about everything and everything that happened in the summer. Lets drop the temperature about... 20 degrees, and start changing those leaves! (Some rain wouldn't be so hard either would it?)

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  1. I'm glad that you keep doing the Fourth of July cake. I'm kind of lame when it comes to carrying on traditions. I'll have to work on that... :)